Thursday, June 18, 2015

Project 365: January

When I think back to January, I am mostly reminded that it was a month of waiting on God's timing. We were anxious knowing that at literally any moment of any day, we could be getting a call about a foster placement and our life would be changing in a matter of hours. The call didn't come until February 2, so January was a great lesson in patience.

 I downloaded a Project 365 app on New Year's Day. It prompts you to take one photo a day for the whole year and it's been fun to look through and see at a quick glance how we've spent our days so far in 2015. I haven't been able to figure out a good way to transfer the pictures onto here, so I just took screen shots and cropped them.

January 2015:

 (1) New Year's Day breakfast; (2) Gingerbread fun; (3) Kooter; (4) couch snuggles; (5) trip to the movies to see Annie; (6) ran into friends at the hair salon; (7) temper tantrum standoff; (8) glass of wine with a great girlfriend; (9) 1st flu victim...then we dropped like flies
 (10) flu; (11) flu; (12) flu; (13) flu; (14) flu; (15) allergic reaction; (16) silly boy; (17) tea party fun; (18) very accurate fortunes...more on that later :)

(22) Princess Batman; (23) Sydney; (24) grandparents rock; (25) backyard fun; (26) lego love; (27) hot lunch date; (28) real men have tea parties with their daughters; (29) joy captured; (30) but I'm not tired!; (31) Colt turns 2


And here's what we were doing in between:

Harper came with me to a hair appointment. 

Apparently this is how she spent much of the time entertaining herself. I later discovered approximately 243 silly face selfies on my phone :)


Mommy/daughter lunch date at a Japanese hibachi restaurant. This was her first trip (or at least that she remembers). She has some mad skills when it comes to using the chop sticks...she was even better than her mama.

Harrison had a GI appointment at TCH, so we took advantage of being in Houston and had a little mom/son date afterward. We went to the downtown aquarium and rode some rides. He amazed me when he said he wanted to be brave and ride the ride that goes up high and drops you. He's terrified of heights, but oddly it's only in certain situations. He freaks out any time we are up on a second level balcony, yet he LOVED this ride:

R2D2, Yoda, other star wars peeps, him & me eating, and a random cow

And just a few more random pictures of our January:

strawberry pickin'

threenager attitude

Playing legos with Papaw

Sydney, doing what she does best
kitty cat snuggles

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