Thursday, June 11, 2015


A random fact that I think is really neat:

My birthday is 3/23.
Therefore, 23 has always been my favorite number (hello Michael Jordan)...and my kids' birthdays are on the 2nd and 3rd.
Rick's birthday is on 8/17.
The sum of my birthday (3+2+3) is 8. Our kids' birthday months are 12 and 5...and their sum is 17. 

Baby #3 is due on 11/5 but if we elect to have a c/s, she will be delivered at 39 weeks. This means that we (I) could potentially plan her birthday to fall on Harper's half-birthday, which is 11/3, which also means all three kids' birthdays would be 3-2-3, which brings us full circle back to my birthday. I NEED to make this happen!!

(Stop judging, jerks! I just happen to love numbers!)

ANYWAY, the point of this post is to document Harrison's 5th birthday. So let's get to the pictures.

He of course asked for Whataburger for breakfast. Of course.

Then we headed down to our agency in Angleton to drop off all of the gift donations Harrison collected at his birthday party for the foster care Christmas gift exchange. On the way, he opened up his birthday presents from us.


Star Wars Wii was a hit

A replacement Darth mask since his original one got cracked in the luggage on the way home from Disney World

For the last 3 years we have gone to Santa's Wonderland in College Station on his birthday. We asked him if he wanted to do something different this year but he said he wanted to go again. He also chose to do the Blue Bell tour again like we did last year because, ICE CREAM, duh. Hopefully the Blue Bell factory will be back open again by December in case he wants to keep the tradition going.

mooing like a dairy cow
 On the way to Santa's Wonderland we happened across something that caught his attention and had him begging for us to turn around. He loves anything to do with war and history so it was definitely a good find.

Santa's Wonderland is always so much fun. It's become more crowded and commercialized over the years but we still have a great time! 

singing Christmas carols on stage

The hayride light tour is my favorite part. This year felt even more nostalgic to me since it was actually cold like Christmases were when I was a kid.

After the hayride, the kids wanted to ride the ponies and train.

Harper finally wasn't too long as I held her hand :)

He begged to ride the mechanical bull, and how do you say no to a birthday boy?

Ready to ride
Wait...what have I gotten myself into??

Okay, this is kinda fun!
 We had a great day celebrating a great little man.

my very favorite 5-year old

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