Thursday, January 2, 2014

Vacation: Days 8 & 9

I'm combining the last two days of vacation since at this point, my good camera was buried in the back of the SUV and my iphone was out of memory space. Every time I wanted to take a picture I had to go in and delete old ones. Am I the only one who has a hard time doing that? I have them backed up to my computer but it makes me sad to delete pictures of when my kids were babies off my phone. Which is also why I still haven't upgraded to the "new" iOS 7...I'm short about 3.9GB of space. So what if I have 1,692 pictures and 15 videos? I don't see a problem with that, Apple.


We woke up on Day 8 and packed up the car again. We ate at the hotel and it was yummy! Not your typical free buffet that you usually get at hotels. Of course even with an omelet bar and all kinds of other fresh choices, my kids just wanted cereal. Ha!

From San Antonio we drove to Rick's parents' house. 3 of 4 cousins were there already so they got to get some good play time in.

That night, Rick and I drove into town to go see our godson's performance in a play at the local theatre. We try to go see him every year. It's always fun to watch him...he makes me so proud! We thought about taking the kids this year, but with it being at 7pm and with tickets being $20 each, we didn't feel like it was worth the gamble. I think they need to grow a couple more years older first. So they stayed at their grandparents' house and played with their cousins while Rick and I had our first child-free moment in over a week. We grabbed some appetizers and a drink before the play and enjoyed some adult conversation. It was nice!

I'll cheers to that!
No pictures allowed but I had to sneak just one


Our group. Doug & Debbie, Rick and me, Birch, Jon,  BJ (Ashley's mom),and Joel & Ashley in the front.

Side note: Doug & Debbie own the company where Ashley works. They are nice, nice people. Rick also used to work for them back in 2001-2002. It's where he got his start working as a machinist before he went to work for Baker Hughes and before we moved to Houston and he moved into other areas of the industry. He's kept in contact with Doug over the years and when Doug decided to close their Houston location and sell their equipment in 2011, that's when Rick felt like it was a great opportunity to buy the assets and Kirby Precision Machine was born.

Another side note that I don't think I've ever shared here before: This was all within a month or two of bringing a preemie home from the hospital. We had a 1 1/2 year old and an infant and it definitely didn't seem like the most ideal time to start a business that would demand so much financial investment and time away. But my husband is the sweetest and smartest man ever and knows how to butter up his hesitant and risk-adverse wife. Of course I supported him 100% once I knew this was what he really wanted and what he felt was best for our family in the long-term. But it also helped that he surprised me when he came home with the incorporation paperwork with the company name Kirby Precision Machine. When we got married my initials changed to KRB and he gave me the nickname Kirby. He told me that even though he was the one that was going to be running the company, he wanted it to be named after me and he wanted me to be 50% owner, because he couldn't do any of this without my support and love and sacrifice. I still get emotional remembering that moment. He is the best!

After the play, we went to IHOP for coffee before heading back to Rick's parents' house.  I'm just going to leave it at "coffee" and not mention the 2nd dinner I inhaled. Ahem. We stayed there for over 2 hours just talking and reminiscing and laughing. Ashley and I both used to work there when we were in high school. She forced me to put on an apron and pose for a couple of pictures. She's bossy like that. I stole these off of her fb where she posted them...because she has no shame.

 Day 9 was a fun day! It was the Boyd's annual Christmas party. It was also Granny's birthday. It's always so nice to catch up with family and friends and snack and eat for hours straight and watch all the kids play play play.

Harper insisted on taking a picture of her feeding Colt

the traditional kid photo

And then the madness began. I so wish I would have taken more pictures. This room went from nice and tidy to a WRECK in under 5 minutes. It's amazing how fast kids can rip into presents. And the presents...they kept on a comin'. I seriously think they got at least 15 gifts each. They are spoiled rotten by their grandparents and they love it!

We couldn't even take half of the gifts with us because our car was too full. The kids were SO tired and not at all happy that their vacation was coming to an end. Harrison crashed about 2 minutes down the road from their house and Harper wasn't far behind. 

We pulled into the driveway that night around 9. There is nothing better than walking into your house after a long vacation. It felt so good to be home!

We drove a total of 2,421 miles. Wow! The kids really did SO good considering they were in the car so much and out of their normal routines. I am incredibly thankful we got this special time together. We made memories I will hold dear in my heart forever.

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