Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Laying low

I had intentions of getting this blog caught up over the last couple of weeks. Instead I got a little more behind. Oops. Maybe one day. 

Harper had a bad asthma attack last night. Thankfully we had just been to the doctor that afternoon and we left his office with 5 prescriptions to help with her flare-ups. I'm pretty sure I got about 30 minutes of sleep last night after witnessing her struggling to catch her breath and seeing that awful panic in her eyes. No way was I going to bed after that. So instead I held her in my arms like a newborn and studied her beautiful face and obsessively monitored her breathing. Much like I used to do when she was a newborn. It was quite nostalgic but I could definitely do without all that anxiety next time. Her doctor said it's time to go see a pediatric allergist and pulmonologist, so that is on our agenda very soon.

We canceled our plans today and are just hanging out and laying low. Lots of coloring and Lego building going on around these parts. And don't ask me if at one point I threatened to kick the kids out of the kitchen so I could build the truck the right way, because I will deny it. What kind of mother would do that? Ahem. 

How sweet is this "book" that Harrison made me? Sweet, and not at all creepy. Ha! He told me word for word what he wanted it to say. 

Over the weekend, Harper and I took a girls' trip to Dallas to see my cousin in a play. I told her it was a fancy play and that we get to dress up and paint our fingernails and wear jewelry and even wear a hint of makeup. But since it was sooo fancy we had to promise to sit quietly. My strategy worked on her quite nicely and she did great! 

Stephanie did amazing, as always. This was her final show -- she's graduating in June. Wait...WHAT?!?!

And of course we had to get a little Bueno action in before we left Plano. 

Rick and Harrison had their own testosterone-filled adventures while we were gone. They went to the Fish Store (aka Bass Pro) and then to the Monster Jam show at Reliant with some other father/son duo friends. According to Rick, that boy was in HEAVEN. I asked him to take and send me pics, but he's a guy and this is all I got. 

I love that they made these memories together. And I'm thankful to have had a lot of one-on-one time with my sweet girl.

It felt good to be reunited. The fighting began almost instantly, but I know they really did miss each other.


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