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Well Buddy, you've been 4 for over a month but I'm just now getting your 4-year post up. Just another example of how fast time is flying by right before my eyes.

At your 4-year checkup you weighed 36 lbs. and were 40 1/2 inches tall.

You wear size 4T in clothes and size 9 in shoes.
We started doing a birthday interview last year so I asked you the same questions again this year. Here are your answers at age 4:

Favorite song: Hey Now Shout It Out
Favorite toy: Marbleous
Favorite food: cereal 
Favorite outfit:  my cowboy costume
One food you don’t really like: carrots
Favorite book: the book about Venus
Favorite movie: Toy Story
Favorite TV show: Caillou 

Favorite thing to do: play golf
Favorite restaurant: Jimmy Changas
Favorite singer: me. I'm my own favorite singer. Harrison Walker Boyd.
Favorite memory: miniature golf 

Favorite store: Chuck-E-Cheese
Favorite game: basketball 
What do you love to learn about: rocketships
What was the best part about your birthday? all of it! Playing with the handcuffs and getting arrested!
What was your favorite birthday present? my blue electric guitar, except you're my favorite birthday gift!
What does Daddy do for his job: Work for money!!!! He rides machines.
What does Mommy do for her job: Protects me.
What is something Daddy says to you a lot? Go to your room, I'm going to give you a spanking!
What is something Mommy says to you a lot? I love you sooooo much. 

What is something you say to us a lot? No!
What is something that you like to do most with Mommy? get my haircut and get suckers and candy.
What is something that you like to do most with Daddy? play big golf 
What is something that you are really good at? hitting balls
What do you what to be when you grow up? An astronaut. No, I want to be in sports. I want to hit baseballs, kick footballs, and dribble basketballs. Oh, and also hit hockeys.
What is something that makes you happy? Sleeping in your bed.
What is something that makes you sad? Not sleeping in your bed.
What is something that makes you laugh? Saying funny words. 

What do you think about before you fall asleep? dreaming about you. And getting songs all the time.
Who are your best friends? Zion, Brody, Joel-Joel, Me, Hamilton, and you. You're my friend.
The coolest person on earth is: Neil Armstrong because he's the first astronaut that walked on the moon. Then he got in a rocketship!
Who is your hero? God.
How old are you? 4

How old is Mom? 20
How old is Dad? 40

What else is going on these days?

*You are at a fun age. I know I say that every year, but every year it's true. I'm starting to see more and more maturity and self control coming out in you. Although don't get me wrong; there is still a lot of stubbornness and defiance in there too. Ha! You are definitely my strong-willed child and will test every boundary given to you. But you are also sweet and loving. And you are such a busy, busy boy. You have SO much energy.

*You are incredibly smart. I'm not saying that to brag (although you do make your momma proud). You are very advanced for your age and sometimes when your dad and I get frustrated with your behavior, we have to remind ourselves that you are only 4. You are definitely wise beyond your years. You are naturally curious and inquisitive about things and are very interested in how things work and how things are built. You are basically teaching yourself how to read without any prompting from me. You have a great memory and recognize words on signs. You always point out any time you see "$" or "%" and tell us the dollar amount or percentage. Your first word you learned to read was "toy" after driving by Toys R Us and then seeing the word on a different sign in a store. Then you started recognizing "joy" when all the Christmas stuff started coming out in stores. And then it took off from there. You ask us all the time to read you signs or anything when we're out and about. A few words you can read/write: Harrison, Harper, mom, dad, Boyd, joy, boy, toy, dog, jog, log, cat, bat, sat, love, go, top, pop, mop, cop, hop, etc. You like figuring out how to spell and read rhyming words so Dr. Seuss has been our friend lately. You also love math and ask me to give you "math questions" all the time.


*Your favorite color is not just "blue", it's "indigo." In other words, you are very particular. Ha! And you get frustrated when others aren't as detail-oriented or see things the same way you do. Every time we drive by the Blue Wave Car Wash, you sigh and tell us how you don't understand why they call it blue when it's clearly indigo. You are a hoot!


*Your favorite toys: monster truck track, marbleous set, little lego kits, anything that can even remotely resembles a weapon (you truly are all boy), football and helmet, your guitars/amplifier, matchbox cars, race tracks and train sets, and little action figures.

*If you can't tell from your birthday interview, you are going through a serious mommy phase. Which I will gladly accept because I honestly didn't think the day would EVER come where you would choose climbing up in my lap over playing with your friends. There was a long time when you didn't want much to do with me. But lately you have been all about your momma. You have even been having some separation anxiety. You are constantly asking me to carry you, hold you, snuggle with you, and just the other day you told me "You are such a sweet mom and your skin is so soft. I just love you and your soft skin so much." Haha! There are definitely times it gets frustrating, but then I just remind myself that pretty soon you won't want me to do those things anymore and I'll miss it.

*You are a marketer's dream come true. Your TV time is limited, but all it takes is one commercial and you are sold. A few examples: "Dad, I really need you to buy me the new Kindle Fire HDX. I used to want an iPad but the Kindle Fire HDX has a million more pixels and it only costs $379." Or, "Mom, I'm a picky eater so I need you to buy me some Pediasure." And then there's the time I was treating a stain on Harper's shirt and you walked in to the kitchen and said, "Hey! That's Oxiclean Max Force. It's not clean unless it's Oxiclean." And just a couple of weeks ago you wrote "IRS" and said, "I just drew the IRS! See? Don't fight the IRS alone, call the tax doctor." Haha! I wish I had just a fraction of your memory.


 There is not enough room in all of cyberspace to list all the good things about you. Thank you for filling my days with smiles and hugs and laughter and kisses. Thank your for making me a mommy 4 years ago. Thank you for giggling when we read Love You Forever and promising me that you will always be my baby even though you are growing and growing and grrrrroooowwwing.

Love you, buckaroo!

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