Alternately titled: Someone call CPS, stat!

Wanna know a super fun way to spend a Monday morning?

I'll give you a hint. It involves a certain 2-year old little girl walking into the bathroom to show me what she was snacking on. She had red slobber dripping down her chin and at first glance I thought she had gotten into some M&M's.

Me: What are you eating??
Harper: Candy!!!

Only it wasn't candy. It was Advil.


My heart basically stopped and somehow my hands jumped into action and swiped what I could salvage out of her mouth. She took me to the empty bottle and told me she had found some candy in my purse. It was a travel size bottle that we had bought on our road trip at a gas station. I knew I had taken at least 2 pills when I bought it but couldn't remember if Rick or I had taken any more. So that left 8 unaccounted for pills. Enter a trip to the ER.

It was a very frustrating trip to the ER, too. Not that they all usually aren't. But when you frantically run in and tell them that your baby potentially poisoned herself, you kind of want them to show a little sense of urgency. Thankfully, a call to poison control calmed me down. They said that given her weight she would have to ingest at least 12 pills to be toxic. Worst case is that she ingested 8, but realistically I'm guessing it was more like 1-2 since crushed up Advil tastes pretty nasty. When I asked her, she said she only ate 1, but then changed her answer to 2, and I didn't have much confidence in her answer and couldn't find any remaining pills anywhere so I just wanted to be safe and take her to the hospital.

Three hours later we finally saw a doctor. He asked if she was acting normal and said that since it had been 3 hours, he thinks she's going to be just fine. Um, NO SHIT, SHERLOCK. Thanks for taking my $100 and making us wait in a germy room for 3 hours when we could have sat around and done nothing at our own house. At one point while we were waiting, the nurse came in to warn us that it was going to be a while because the doctor was in a meeting. What kind of hospital schedules their ER doctors in meetings while they are supposed to be doctoring in the freaking EMERGENCY room?!?! Can you tell I'm frustrated?

Anyway, I'm obviously extremely thankful that she's okay and that they didn't have to pump her stomach or do anything else traumatic. I now pretty much feel like the worst mom ever considering my child attempted to OD on my own medicine under my own watch. I'm already taking the Mom of the Year Award and it's only 6 days into the freaking year. I'm special! I never even thought about it being an issue since it was zipped up in my purse and had a heavy-duty childproof lid on the bottle. Lesson learned. Just thought I'd pass along the friendly reminder to you in case you also carry medicine in your purse or have it up on a counter where little hands can climb and reach it. Childproof caps apparently aren't very childproof.


Garcia Family said…
Wow so sorry that happened! Once I thought Johnny had given one of our kids too much baby Tylenol and I literally put a sleeping newborn baby in an adult weight scale to check weight to dosage ratio to calm my nerves! Have u tried utmb pediatric urgent care in south shore? Been there twice with emergencies involving a rambunctious little boy and have had good experience with little to no wait since they only treat children. It's open late hours...neway just sharing a great alternative to emergency care for the little ones in our area! Miss u and your family since we moved across the tracks i.e. I-45 Lol

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