Fourth Quarter 2013

This post was sitting in my drafts -- it didn't have any text to go with the pictures so I'm just going to go ahead and call it 2013 Fourth Quarter Photo Dump of Randomness. Random happenings from months ago, but the pictures of my sweeties are too cute not to chronicle.

One Sunday at church

a trip to the library...I love how she always lays down to color

 Miserably hot summer coming to a close...which meant we could finally get outside and play again!

We had a fun night at the PeeWee School family picnic. We ate a picnic dinner, sang songs, and played games. It was a medieval theme.

even Dad got in on the song gestures :)

this is where Harper spent most of her time. She's our little artist.

horse races

Brody & Harrison showed up looking like twinkies

We had fun with friends at Noah's birthday party at the Children's Museum.

one packed elevator full of excited boys

Our furkids don't get much dedicated blog time, but that doesn't mean that they aren't special and loved and a huge part of our lives. There are many times I find myself frustrated that they are always under my feet (Sydney) or scratching at the back door (Sydney) or getting into trouble (Syndey) or shedding pounds of hair (all of them), but they are dear to our family and tolerate A LOT from two kids that are enamored with their beloved pets.

my (fur)babies

Sydney turned 13 in November


And Kooter? He is the stupidest cat there ever was. I'm not saying that to be mean. He really is...special. Special and sooooo needy, but equally loving and forgiving. He is not ever satisfied sitting near me. He has to be on me. As if I don't have enough little people invading my personal space already. But I guess I should just be flattered that he loves me so much. Don't ask me how I know, but I could chunk him across the room 10 times in a row and he'd still come back for more. That right there is dedication and loyalty. Orrrrr, maybe just stupid. ;)

making his move and getting a little fresh

One night a few months ago, Rick and I went on a much needed and long overdue date night. We went to a fabulous Greek restaurant in Kemah. The food was excellent and we really enjoyed sitting out on the patio and listening to the live music. But when we were done eating we couldn't figure out what to do next. That's when you know you are getting old -- when staying out late just doesn't sound as appealing as it once did. The kids were at their first sleepover with their Beda so we didn't want to waste a child-free night, but we also didn't really feel up for going to a bar or someplace like that.

So we headed back home and had the BEST time ever. We may have had some help in the form of a little whiskey. I am not usually a mixed drink kind of girl, but he had a special bottle of Texas whiskey he was all excited about so I told him I'd have one drink with him. And then before we knew it, it was 4am and we had finished the ENTIRE bottle. Ha! We played a bunch of card games and had great conversation and at one point even had a dance off. I haven't laughed that hard or that much in a long time. It was so fun being silly with my man and remembering he's so much more than just the father of my children. He really is my best friend. Although I think he'd stop being friends with me if he knew I was putting this picture of his moon walk interpretation on here. hahaha!

 Let's see. What else?

Mom & I went to the Nutcracker Market (and tried on silly hats)

Disney on Ice

sword fight with good friends

dinner with other good friends

I don't know what to title this caption :)

a visit with Papaw & Mamaw

the perfect way to start Christmas shopping...a hot cocoa and Christmas CDs

Another perfect way to Christmas shop...laughing at this dork. He takes shopping very seriously, ha!

I caught them slow dancing together

and spooning

speaking of spooning...

Lots of fun took place in Fourth Quarter 2013.


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