Friday, January 31, 2014

December 2

This is the last post about Harrison's birthday, I promise. :)

I wanted to document how we celebrated his actual birthday. I'm a big birthday person. I love my family every day of the year, but birthdays are a great opportunity to be intentional about going the extra mile and making the person feel extra special. So it was a jam-packed, fun-filled day. His actual birthday fell on a Monday and Rick took the day off from work. Rick's mom had come in the day before for his party so she was here to celebrate him with us as well.

To summarize our fun, here is what I typed on facebook at the end of the day:

Harrison turns 4 today! Had such a fun time celebrating him. Started off with our elf returning with a birthday gift (a fish tank), a yummy French toast breakfast, a well-visit to the pediatrician (4 shots, yikes!), a trip to Petco to pick out his first pet fish (which he promptly named "Fishy Boyd"), a not-so-yummy lunch at Chuck-E-Cheese, a trip to the Blue Bell Factory in Brenham, and ended with a fun night at Santa's Wonderland in College Station. Whew! An exhausting day but so much fun! (And as I'm typing this the birthday boy is asking what's next because he's not ready for his birthday to be over) :) 

Did I mention it was a jam-packed, fun-filled day?? 

Chip Chesney has made it a tradition to come back on Harrison's birthday. This year he came with an empty fish tank, a $10 bill, and a note telling him to go pick out his very own pet fish. Harrison had been begging for another pet. His negotiation skills are superb, too. He told us that we had a choice between getting him either a pet fish or a pet bird for his birthday and it was totally up to us to decide which one. How's that for a little Love & Logic thrown back in mom & dad's face? Ha!

It didn't take long for Fishy Boyd to become a beloved family member. I'm not even kidding you. I didn't know it was possible to become emotionally attached to a fish, but it has happened. And not just Harrison....ME. I've never had a fish nor ever cared to have a fish, but I find myself worrying about him and checking on him all the time. I have serious issues. Let's just hope our betta is a fighter.

In my mind it made perfect sense to schedule his well-visit on his birthday. Rick could go with me and help manage the kids. And we had a lot of leverage and distractions when it came to getting his shots since we had fun stuff planned afterward. RIGHHHT. Mom fail, big time! My first mistake was telling Harrison in advance that he'd have to get shots. I thought it would be helpful to prepare him so he wasn't blindsided. That poor kid worried about his shots for days. Out of the blue he'd say he didn't want his birthday to come because he didn't want to have to get shots. And even though we talked about how it was quick and he's so brave and he'd be fine, it took 3 adults to physically hold him down as he thrashed around. Poor kid...he is emotionally scarred now. Next time we will definitely go in for a sneak attack and definitely not on his birthday.
eye exam

Since we were going to Santa's Wonderland in College Station we decided to make an afternoon out of our trip and headed to Brenham to tour the Blue Bell Factory. It was pretty interesting and even held the kids' attention. The tour ended at the parlor where we all got some complimentary ice cream.

stopping to smell the flowers

This was our 2nd trip to Santa's Wonderland. We went last year on Harrison's birthday as well. It's such a neat place and we had a great time!

Happy birthday, sweet boy. We had a grand time celebrating you.

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