Just a little brain mush.

I have so much to blog about but haven't been able to find the time lately. I think I may need to just have random brain dumps on here a little more often. I'm wearing myself out trying to remember everything...and then I don't. Case in point: I know there's tons I wanted to post about life and the kids but instead I just have a bunch of randomness floating around in my mind.

Like, how last week I went an entire hour in public with my shirt tucked up into my bra. At BSF no less. I talked to several of the nursery teachers, a few friends, made it through the hymns and was all the way upstairs in my class before I realized that the bottom half of my shirt was hiding. Thankfully I had a tank on underneath or I seriously would have died right there...but I was still mortified nonetheless. Breastfeeding fail.

And how my heart melted a couple of weeks ago when Harrison said those priceless three words to me for the first time ever. I love you. Shortly followed by I love you, Mommy. Um, SQUEE! I have waited almost 2 years to hear his little voice say those words. I'm pretty sure he could get just about anything he wants out of me once he realizes just how powerful that ammo is. If I wasn't in trouble before I definitely am now. (and we will just completely ignore the fact that 30 minutes later he had changed his tune and was instead whining No love, Mommy. No love. And not at all because I was relentlessly pestering him to repeat his new phrase. I would never, ever do such a thing. What am I, desperate?)

And how I am so, SO over reflux. What a joy-stealer. I know it sounds trivial but I just want to be able to dress my cutie-pie-of-a-daughter up in adorable outfits without them getting soaked immediately or having to pack several outfits, bibs, and burp cloths just to leave the house. She goes through a dozen bibs a day and we've even busted out Harrison's old ratty stained boy ones for her to wear when we're low on hers. When I was getting her dressed today I bent down to pick up an outfit out of the laundry basket and she projectiled all over the entire pile of clean clothes. Maybe it's just her way of telling me I shouldn't take 3 days to actually put them away, but still! Enough with the vomiting, please. Please?

And how I just recently chopped off more of my hair to hide the fact that I have "baby bangs". I thought it was just a fluke after I had Harrison, but I noticed I have 1 inch sections along my hairline growing in now as well. Google confirmed that changes in hormones after pregnancy can cause hair loss and the oh-so-flattering regrowth. So for now, I'm sporting some side sweeping bangs while I wait for the rest to catch up.

And how tomorrow is my very last day to have my son as a one-year-old. It'll be my final day to have 2 under 2. So does that mean life is about to get easier? I mean, 2 is a pretty easy age, right? Ha! I've been getting a taste of the Terrible Twos for several months now, and let's just say that I'm a litttttle scared of what's in store. But I'm also incredibly excited for what's in store...every day that stinker makes my heart smile.

And how I have SO much I need to be doing right now instead of this. Saturday morning is The Toddler's birthday party and I, being the completely-anal-retentive-type-a-ocd-overachieving-freak detail-oriented person that I am, have created quite the to-do list for myself. What can I say? I like a little pressure. Besides, I've had a lot of fun pinterest-ing. And I have the hot glue gun blisters to prove it. (Unfortunately, Harrison has one, too. Not a very proud mom moment for me...I felt terrible!)

And how I'm wrapping this up now because I really need to get back to crafting/cleaning/baking/generally rocking at being BA.


Jocelyn said…
Aw, happy early birthday to Harrison! Eli's party is next Sunday, and I haven't done a THING! Eeek!!!
Tracye said…



Oh, man, that's funny!

Girl, you're about to have a Terrible Two *and* a crawler! Easier is in your PAST!

It's fun, but definitely a challenge. Soon you'll have to figure out why they're *both* too quiet, and exactly what they're doing. ;)

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