Farm de la Dewberry

We went to Dewberry Farm yesterday. It was our first time to visit and I was a little nervous about how it would go with two little ones, but I couldn't pass up the groupon several weeks ago and figured since it was cheap we could try it out and just leave early if things got ugly. But thankfully that never happened -- it was a perfect day. The weather was gorgeous and it wasn't too crowded and we all had a lot of fun! The place is really great for kids. There is a corn maze, "apple" patch, a few farm animals to visit, trailerr rides, and lots of fun activities in between.

Ashleigh led the way through the corn maze. I'm pretty sure we walked at least a mile through that thing.

Harrison got tired of walking but didn't want to go back in the stroller, so he landed on Jon's shoulders. He loves his "Uncle Jon". Especially after his Uncle Jon gave him his first taste of "kook" (coke) a few months ago...and he still hasn't forgotten it. Any time I mention his name it is always followed by "Uncle Jon? Kook? KOOOOOK!!!"

Then I spotted tetherball. It brought me straight back to my elementary school days at recess. I rocked the tetherball, y'all.

Rick had to jump in. He apparently takes tetherball quite seriously...check out that form.

Harrison was in heaven when he spotted a tractor...

...but was very disappointed when he realized we had to ride on its wagon trailer and not the tractor itself.

 Next up were the pig races and farm animals. Of course I had to take a picture of the sign:


And then we spotted a tractor that he could actually get up and sit on. He was very happy. Until it was time to get down.

But the roller slides cheered him up again.

And seeing Rick in this cheered me up. Not that I needed to be cheered up. But come on, how stinkin' cute is this?


Jocelyn said…
Fun stuff... and I love Harrison's tie shirt!
Anonymous said…
looks like everyone had fun.. where's harpers pictures? she wants to pet the animals or eat them....see you soon. love mamaw
Tienna said…
I totally remember rockin' tetherball with you in elementary!!!

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