A post about my gynecologist because apparently I have no boundaries.

I saw my obgyn yesterday. I heart him. He brought both of my kiddos into the world and I saw him pretty much every day for 3 weeks while I was in the hospital, so we're kind of tight. (In a totally professional dr/patient kind of way and not in the creepy way that this post is starting to sound, ha!) I learned something kind of interesting about him recently.

He's a baby doctor by day...and a poker champ by night!

Here's the ESPN article...not too shabby, right?

I made sure to ask him if he's keeping his day job, and he assured me he is. :)

So the reason I saw him yesterday is because I decided to get the Mirena IUD. Rick and I discussed it and it took us about 3 milliseconds to decide that maybe we shouldn't go the I'm breastfeeding and therefore it is impossible for me to get pregnant route again. It worked out great for us last time, but only in the sense that Harper is an incredible blessing we were so pleasantly surprised with and not in the sense that our very scientific form of birth control went successfully according to plan.

Harrison was at peewee school and I took Harper with me because from what everybody told me the procedure is short and relatively painless. They were right for the most part, and she did great. But when we were walking out to the car I started feeling so dizzy that I could hardly walk. I managed to make it the remaining steps to the car before I threw up everywhere. My ears were ringing and I was so nauseated and dizzy and everything started getting dark and fuzzy all I remember thinking was you cannot pass out because you are all alone with A BABY! do not pass out, do not pass out, do not pass out, omg please do NOT pass out!! Thankfully I didn't but I had to lie down in my car for 20 minutes before I felt well enough to even think about driving.  I called the nurse to make sure I wasn't dying (because I'm not overly dramatic at all :) ) and she said I had some sort of rare reaction (I don't remember the name, but it's harmless). So strange! Really hoping it's the only complication this thing gives me because of course I had to google it and found all kinds of horror stories about IUDs...but then again, there are horror stories on the internet about just about everything, so what are ya gonna do.

Thankfully Rick came home to help with the kids for a little while and when he had to go back to work my mom picked up Harrison which gave me some time to rest. By the end of the day I was feeling a million times better and the ladies from my small group came over for some much needed girl time. Pizza, chicken nuggets, Oreo cake, and girl talk...all food for the soul if you ask me.

And because it's impossible for me to write a post without including a picture of my babies, I of course have to throw a couple in.

Can you believe that Mom wrote an entire post about her visit to the gynecologist?

Jeez. She's so embarrassing.
Happy Friday!!!


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