Monday already?

I thought that when I became a stay-at-home mom my days would begin to run together. While I do somehow manage to lose track of the months (is it really coming up on October?) and even years (I seriously find myself thinking it's 2010 all the time), I am very much aware of the days of the week and look forward to Fridays just as much as I did when I was working. Rick has been working insane hours lately (I have some very exciting news to share soon! (and no, I'm not pregnant)) so we treasure the time we get with him on the weekends...and it sure does feel like it flies by far too fast.

{I think that's how you know you're getting old -- when you keep finding yourself saying over and over that time is flying by too quickly. Ha!}

Over the weekend Harper got to meet her great grandparents. They drove down to visit from Oklahoma. Growing up I always called them the very original "Grandma & Grandpa," but Harrison quickly nixed that and instead named them "Mamaw & Papa."

Harper happily obliged to the picture taking.

Harrison....well, Harrison, not so much.

Good thing there wasn't a camera taking pictures of my mom and me jumping around like clowns to get everybody looking in our general direction. Toddlers and cameras are a tricky combination, that's for sure. But we did finally get one!

We also had Harper's 4 month pictures made. I had monthly portraits done for Harrison and I'm carrying on the tradition with her. For $7.99 it's totally worth it...even when the session doesn't quite go so well. This month we got really good pictures but the experience was, how should I say it? Interesting? I guess you could call it that. Challenging?  Ha. Ha. Ha. One of those parenting moments that leaves your stomach in knots for the rest of the day because your child scared the living daylight out of you? Yep, that pretty much sums it up! I was with Harper helping out the photographer and Rick was playing with Harrison at the lego table right outside the room. Harper was extra pukey and in the 5 seconds Rick stepped away to get paper towels to help with the Vomit Situation our little houdini got up and ran across the entire store and disappeared out the door of the building into the busy parking lot. I don't think I have ever run so fast in my life. Thank God I got to him right before he made it past the row of parked cars and into traffic. I did my best to get myself together, discipline him, and drag him and his noodle legs back into the store, but it wasn't very pretty. I should add that I was carrying a spewing baby through the whole ordeal...yeah, I'm pretty sure those picture people will cringe next time they see us coming. Ha!

In other news, I've been busy cycling out the closets. Harper has long outgrown her 0-3 month clothes and I've been getting Harrison's wardrobe ready for fall. Here the two of them are in matching rompers. I tried to get a good pic, but this is all I got:

Harrison had a hard time grasping the concept that his "hat" was attached to his shirt. It was really making him mad. I couldn't help but laugh at him arguing with it and trying to get it off. And then he turned the joke around on me with a diaper explosion of epic proportions that quickly left the pesky outfit with the attached hat sad and defeated and very, very messy. He's crafty, that one!


Jocelyn said…
Out the door and into a parking lot?!? O.M.G. I would still be shaking! So glad everything turned out OK!
Tracye said…
You need to put that boy on a leash! I would have FUH-REAKED. OUT.

Which I know you did... but, wow.

My days run together. I don't really have days that set themselves apart from other days anymore.

Last year, Cullen went to school every Tuesday and Thursday, so that really helped me keep track. This year they're both at home with me all day, every day, so I forget what day it is all the time. The year, too. I so get that.
Anonymous said…
glad you caught him... not the first kid to do that...if he is like his dad... he never looked for traffic just rode a bike, or ran into the ya mamaw kids are fast
Christy said…
I love that first pic of the kids... it's kind of scary and funny at the same time! You're doing a great job with your crazy little boy :)

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