Harrison, Jr.

Everybody always comments that Harper looks so much like her brother. From the moment I first saw her, I thought the same thing. It was the weirdest feeling looking down at her as a newborn and feeling like I was holding Harrison all over again -- SO neat! Now that she's grown and changed a little (a lot), I feel like she definitely has her own unique look now and their similarities are fading. 

I thought it would be fun to do a little comparing of my two babes in the form of some handy dandy photo collages:

Monthly pics - Harper sure caught up in size, right?!

 This next comparison is a trip! See what I mean about a little Harrison, Jr.?:

I actually had to go back and double check which baby is in the middle picture. Ha! (It's Harper, if you can't tell. Wearing an outfit handed down from her brother.)

Their profiles were very similar in the beginning as well:

 Here they are in the bathtub. Both of my kiddos LOVE the bath:

And due to their constant spit up, baths are very frequent in this house!

Here they are in the bumbo seat. I didn't think it was possible, but Harper passed up her brother in the chubby cheeks category. Love them! More for Momma to kiss.

Look at that sweet, loyal friend in the background.

Unfortunately for them, me, or anybody in their near proximity, there is one more thing that my babies have definitely had in common with each other:

Exhibit A: The Cursed Puke Gene

 While they started off looking so similar, it's funny how different their personalities have shaped up to be. Harrison entered the world with a spitfire demeanor and has always been so independent and active and adventurous. He had neck control from day one and was eager to reach all of the physical milestones...he couldn't wait to roll and crawl and walk and run his way to freedom. He was never snuggly and never liked to be rocked, held, or even nursed for that matter. Like I said -- Mr. Independent! He's always been my silly and funny boy and so full of expression and personality. 

Now that Harper appears to be done being Mad Baby (can I get a Hallelujah?!), she is turning into quite the content, happy, & laid back Sweetie Pie.  She loves to nurse and be held and rocked and on many occasions I have looked down to find her staring up at me with a gaze of pure adoration. I swear that sometimes it physically takes my breath away. She isn't in too much of a hurry to push up or roll over and seems pretty happy just being a wee little baby...and I am pretty happy with that, too. 

They are opposites of one another and yet I couldn't possibly love each of their unique personalities any more than I already do. I'm so incredibly blessed to be their Momma!


Jocelyn said…
They really do look a lot alike... you make some super cute babies!
Anonymous said…
they are lucky to have a momma and dada like you two... they just need mamaw time soon... they are getting so big...did not think Harper would grow so soon but look at her... beautiful...enjoy them now.. this time is gone all too soon.. look how big and manly my baby is.. mamaw

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