I started working with Harrison on the alphabet last month when I noticed he was beginning to show an interest in letters. Santa brought him some flash cards for Christmas and when I got them out of the package I was shocked to see how many he already knew without me teaching him. I guess the obnoxious educational toys may be worth the annoyance after all. :) We've been going through the cards a few times each week and he loves it. I hope he continues to find learning fun as he grows and gets older. It sure is a joy for me to watch him learn and see his eyes light up when he figures out something new. I gotta say that this age of discovery is so much fun! He gets really excited when we're driving and he sees all the billboards and signs with letters he recognizes...his very favorite places to point out are the YMCA and HEB. It takes him about 15 seconds to spit out the names but he's very proud of himself when he's done. So cute! It's the little things, right?

Here he is at lunch a few days ago. You can see he's quite opinionated...not sure who he got that from? Not only is "G" really "ga" and "V" really "Y", but he also insists that "3" is really "E" and that crosses are not crosses but are in fact the letter "T".  And he will argue his case until the point of whining, head-shaking, and tears. Silly boy!

 And you can thank the heavens above I decided to turn of the camera before we started singing. Ha!


Anonymous said…
he is my genius-did i spell it right/ love that boy.. be sure to teach harper.. the second one gets left out sometimes. love ya mamaw or was harrison putting up with you so you could learn the letters? ha ha
Tracye said…
So. SWEET! Love his little voice!!!
Jocelyn said…
I am so super impressed! Way to go, Harrison!
So far, Eli only really knows B and E... but we are working on letters as well! I will have to show him this video -- he loves watching other toddlers!

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