Monday, February 14, 2011

FDP take 2, and a ute drama update.

Saturday was our second Fancy Dinner Party and it was our turn to host. I've gotta say that Amy brings the pressure. After tasting what she prepared last month and seeing how beautifully she presented it all, I was a little intimidated. I'm glad to report that everything was a yummy success and we all had a lot of fun!

I finally decided on filet mignon with a wine reduction sauce for the main course. I also served salad, garlic mashed potatoes, fresh sauteed green beans, carrots, and dinner rolls. Amy made a de-lish red velvet cake from scratch. And then we all got our eat on!

Breakfast table set...for dinner.  *sigh*

The Real Deal right here, folks.


and more sides.

Amy's not-so-pretty but oh-so-scrumptious red velvet cake

The crew. I had to take a picture from behind Steven because he's wearing a disgusting OU shirt again.

My lively co-host. Ha!


I had a follow-up appointment with my OB today. I had another ultrasound and I just love getting to sneak a peek at my beautiful baby girl! We saw her moving around and even saw her yawn -- soooo precious. Everything looks great with her, but unfortunately my darn placenta is incredibly stubborn and not at all cooperating with my plans. Pretty rude, right? It hasn't budged at all since my last scan 4 weeks ago and so I am still classified as having complete placenta previa, which is the least favorable scenario of the condition. The technician and my doctor aren't very optimistic that it will correct itself at this point. When I asked Dr. Klein for the percentage chance (you know me!) that it could still be a non-issue he would only say, "'s not zero...". Obviously not the news we were hoping for.

The easiest, simplified explanation is this: picture the uterus as a balloon. Before the balloon is inflated, you draw a small circle on the end with a marker. This represents the placenta - once it attaches to the uterus it doesn't "move" per se, but as the balloon inflates, the location of the circle can change depending on how the balloon expands. At this point, my uterus is already fairly "inflated", so the chance of the placenta "moving" enough to make a difference is pretty slim.


I go back to see him in 4 weeks and to do my diabetes test, but I won't have another scan until week 30 (about 7 weeks away) unless I have any bleeding. So I guess until then I will continue to try to take it easy and pray that I fall in the "slightly greater than zero" statistic group with the obliging placentas that migrate on up and out of the way. As much as I do not want a c-section, I will gladly take one if it means getting Miss H here safely. I fully trust my doctor and know I'm in great hands. I am much more worried about the other risks which include things like hemorrhaging and pre-term delivery, which no doctor can prevent. Of course I fully trust my God and know I'm in the BEST of hands, but it is still very scary when things like "survival rates" are discussed. Obviously your prayers are so very much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

all of you are always on my prayer list first thing every morning and every evening. love ya lots we will be there in anyway you need us. harper will be wonderful and bammaw will be number one in her eyes,,, unlike papaw's kids...we will not even say papaw to her. keep well and i will talk to you soon. love ya mary

Tracye said...

I don't recall receiving an invitation. Must have gotten lost in the mail, right?



We're praying for you, Kelsey. Take care of yourself and let us know any way we can help.

Love you.

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