The case of the missing keys.

Monday was just one of those days where everything seemed to go wrong. One of those days where we could have made enough figurative lemonade to last us a really long time...

It started off stressful when Rick couldn't find his car keys. He was really needing to go into work early and so at 4:30 am we were turning the house upside down searching high and low for them. He's usually not one to misplace things, so we narrowed the cause down to 2 things: our mischievous son, or they were lost at the grocery store. Sunday night we had all gone to HEB together and he had his keys with him so he could lock the front door while my keys were already in the ignition. We thought maybe they somehow fell out in the parking lot, so after we couldn't find them anywhere at the house Rick headed back to the grocery store to see if anybody had turned them in. They didn't open until 6am, so he had to wait in the parking lot for 20 minutes just to find out that no, nobody had turned them and they were still nowhere to be found.

I continued searching while he came home to take my car to work. By this time it was almost 7 and he got stuck in rush hour traffic. He went to turn on a CD, but Monday was unfortunately the day that the CD player in my car decided to quit working. Yay.

I got Harrison up and turned on the TV so I could get my 2 minutes of snuggle time in with him. (Is it sad I use the TV to bribe cuddles out of my kid? Ha.) I started flipping channels and every channel was black. I tried to turn the TV off but it was frozen. Apparently Monday was also the day that the TV decided to quit working, too. Double yay.

The rest of the day kind of went like that. The locksmith was supposed to show up at 1pm, and of course didn't. We learned that our Honda has an anti-theft chip in the key that makes it to where only our key can start our car, and to get a replacement key was not going to be as simple or as cheap as we were hoping. Rick had to rush home to come get me for my doctor appointment since I had no transportation, and I already told you the not-so-great news we heard while we were there. The locksmith finally showed up around 5:30, and $310 later we had a new key.

Yes. You read that right.

Not a typo.


Kind of makes me want to vomit.

We were so thankful for Jeff & Katie who offered (insisted) to keep Harrison for us so we could go out to eat for Valentine's Day. After our terrible day, we were desperately in need of some decompression time alone together. Of course we joked that maybe we should have just decided to stay home for Hot Dog Night as originally planned and not chance the risk of getting t-boned in traffic and be left with zero transportation, ha! Luckily the rest of the night was fairly uneventful in the drama department and I happily devoured chips and queso and my favorite burrito dinner from one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. Great end to a bad day if you ask me.


Last night I was filing our taxes and needed to ask Rick a printer question, so he came into our bedroom to help me out. Through the monitor we heard Harrison's lullaby music start playing, so we knew he was in his bedroom touching things he isn't supposed to touch (go figure!). Rick went to check on him, and I heard him scream,

 "OH. MY. GOSH!!!!!! Kelsey, COME HERE!"

Obviously I ran in there as fast as I could because Rick rarely gets worked up about things. My stomach was in knots about what I was going to be walking in to.

And this is what I walked in to:

Hey, Mom & Dad!

This toy is a lot of fun.

What? You've been looking for these?

I seriously have NO idea where he had them stashed. Rick and I both tore our house apart looking for them, and I checked all of Harrison's hiding places multiple times. Obviously I don't know about all of Harrison's hiding places...

Rick kept saying, "I want to cry right now."

I just honestly had to laugh. I think maybe I'm going a little nuts.

We'll just have to take it out of his future allowance. Which when you consider the time value of money I think he's really going to regret being such a little thief. I think as far as his Dad is concerned, it means he'll never, ever, EVER be getting an allowance. Ha!

And who says girls are more expensive??


Tienna said…
Oh. Em. Gee!!!!! That little stinker!!
Anonymous said…
come on... i think you framed him.. he is so innocent. you will have to put things up high until he decides to climb up to get them... next week...hope you are doing fine, give him a hug for bamaw...he gets cuter every me and see you soon.. love mary...rick paybacks are hell as your dad said last night.... ha ha.. more to come
Melanie said…
hahah--what a great story. Could you return the $310 key? Probably not, huh? what a cute little stinker you have.
Tracye said…

I think it's genetic.

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