Water Baby

The weather didn't cooperate with our plans this weekend. Friday night we were supposed to go swimming at Mom & Tim's, but the severe thunderstorms that rolled in thought otherwise. They stuck around Saturday and ruined our plans of boating, which I was pretty bummed about! I was really looking forward to some sun and skiing. They were supposed to stick around Sunday as well, but took pity on us instead and finally decided to let us have some fun.

Somebody absolutely refused to take a nap, so we packed him up and decided to take him out for his first swim. Even though he was cranky, he loved the water! We had to stay in the kiddie pool because the big pool was too cold and his little teeth gums were chattering. I was trying really hard not to think about how many germs we were soaking in and was desperately hoping that it was the smaller size that was making the pool so much warmer and not any other reason. Ick.

Jeff and Katie brought their new waterproof camera and took some pictures. I hope our severe paleness doesn't blind you. I can't believe that I'm somehow more pasty than a baby whose skin has never been exposed to the sun!

Somebody's sleepy...

Whoa! This is a huge bath tub!

My little swimmer was kicking his legs like a frog.

K squared, about to get some much needed sun

This warmer water is much better.

H and his Aunt Katie

The boys, chilling in the kiddie pool.

H and Heffe'

Family shot

Poor little guy fell asleep before we could even finish drying him off. I think we need to take him swimming more often!


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