Just pretend it's a week ago.

Happy Mother's Day!!

I finally uploaded the pictures off of Jon's camera and wanted to get them posted before I forget or, you know, next year rolls around. I'm still without my camera so I only have the pictures from Sunday, but hopefully Mr. Canon and I will be reunited very soon.

We had a fun day.

Before church, I ate breakfast in bed thanks to the sweet hubster. He also gave me flowers and a card from Harrison which included a gift certificate for a manicure and a pedicure. Which I desperately need and am very grateful for!

After church, my brother and I set out to the grocery store. We wanted to cook our mom dinner and just hang out at the house instead of fighting the crowds at a restaurant. Plus, he's in culinary school so I figured we needed to give his skills a test. And can I just say that my baby brother is growing up? He split the grocery bill with me and people, I was in shock. Complete shock! :)

Rick even decorated the house with a few streamers and a homemade banner. I tried desperately to get a picture of his first attempt, which spelled "HAPPY MOHTERS DAY" but he tore it down before I could get to the camera. There's a long and hilarious history of Rick mispelling things on large displays. I'll save it for another post. ;)

The banner, take two

Since Connor deemed himself head chef, Rick was forced to be his grilling assistant. And as luck would have it, Harrison had the perfect apron for his dad to borrow.

At least he knows his place.

The food was YUM. We cooked way too much considering there were only 5 of us. It may or may not have been a strategically planned excuse to eat way more than is even close to appropriate. The food included barbequed pork tenderloin, ribs, and sausage along with roasted potatoes and veggies, rolls, deviled eggs, baked beans, potato salad, cookies, and chocolate cream pie. Now you know I wasn't eggagerating on the "way too much" part.


We ate outside and enjoyed the nice weather before it becomes too unbearably hot. Which unfortunately will be any day now. Then we just hung out and watched the baby play.

So even though this is over a week late, I want to wish all the mommas out there a fabulous Mother's Day. Especially two of my favorites:  Mom and Mary. We love you!


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