I feel so naked.

Because I left my camera at my friend's house. My friend who lives 2 1/2 hours away.

A severe panic almost ensued when I realized that we were indeed apart. The separation anxiety is almost unbearable.

I mean, I only have a few hundred thousand of almost identical pictures of my baby and now I'll be apart from my camera for a few days, and possibly even a week! For the love of God, WHAT WILL I DO???!!! 

There's a slight chance that I might in fact be addicted to my dear and beloved Canon. Just maybe.

Jon let me borrow his camera in the meantime, which was pretty sweet of him. I took some pictures of our weekend, including the Mother's Day festivities, but will have to wait to post until after I figure out how to upload them. I know you will be dying in anticipation.

Until then, here is a cute video of a very cute baby. He started making the funniest noises/laughs a couple of weeks ago - like a cross between an owl and a sheep maybe? I don't know, you judge for yourself. Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
that is so adorable..cute kid.. love grandma

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