A first dance and a first candle.

We had a jam-packed couple of days this past weekend. Saturday a sweet couple and good friends of ours from our small group got married. The wedding was beautiful -- very casual and intimate with the guests actually standing around the altar instead of sitting on either side of an isle. What a great idea! And as an added plus, it took the pressure off of having to choose which side we were going to sit on. Don't you hate that sometimes? I mean, it's like a popularity contest or something, and when you know and love the couple equally, it can be a stressful decision. Or maybe that's just me and my neurotic, over-analytical nature? Ha!

Rick's mom came up for the weekend to babysit Harrison for us Saturday night. Which was like pulling teeth to get her to do, let me tell ya. She isn't a baby hog AT ALL. :)  It was really sweet of her and Harrison had a great time hanging out with his grandma.

Mom, quit taking my picture and leave already!

You can tell that these boys don't have to wear suits very often. Rick was trying to help Jeff out, but since his tie just pretty much stays tied all of the time, he couldn't remember how to do it. Notice the step-by-step instructional video of how to tie a tie in the background. And even with that resource, the mission was still a fail. Katie had to flag down a stranger in the parking lot to tie it for him. Classy! Ha ha!

Over the bunny ears and...wait a second. That's how to tie a shoe.

Meanwhile, Katie and I posed for a picture. I'm not sure why I even attempted to flat iron my hair, because it was like 250% humidity and the wedding was outside. So the non-frizzed hair lasted for about 30 seconds, but whatever. I tried, anyway. 

 K squared, as Rick likes to call us.

I didn't take any pictures of the wedding since Katie was using her camera, so I'll have to post those later when I get them from her. Like I said, it was really nice. And I was doing so well until the bride and groom busted out with their own vows. And then the floodgates opened and I cried like a baby.

I also didn't manage to get a single picture of the bride the entire night. I think it was because Rick was taking most of the pictures. Yep. We'll just blame him.  :)  But he did steal a picture of the groom:

John and Kate + Kelsey

And here are two of my favorite people. Looking hot I might add:

The Normans

A rare photo of us together and actually presentable. See? We do clean up nicely! :)

Me and the Hubster

Sunday we packed up and headed out of town for this little guy's first birthday party:

Wow, somebody is singing WAY off key. I think it's my Aunt. 

The party was monkey-themed and completely adorable, like all of my SIL's parties. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned a time or twenty that she is super talented and makes me sick. In a perfectly healthy, loving way of course. :) Here is a picture of the cake she made:

Complete with Cullen's finger prints and all!

And here is a picture of the little monkey himself:

My name is Cavan and I'm a chocoholic.

Aunt Laura stole Harrison away from her sister. He was totally digging all of the attention:

I sure do like this lady!

At the end of the party, Cavan released his balloons and we all watched them float away until we couldn't see them anymore. Christian suggested that maybe they were on their way to the moon. Yep, she's a cutie. Here's a family shot right before he let go:

We love these guys!
After the party, we stopped by Ashley's house and we all took Joel to McDonald's for his birthday. She decided she would let him wear whatever he wanted to. I so wish I had taken some pictures. He chose a Spiderman costume -- you know, the one with the foam muscle inserts?  At the playplace, we kept hearing the kids yelling, "Hey Spiderman, come up here! Hey Spiderman, let's go down the slide!" They just naturally assumed that his name was Spiderman. How adorable! Ahhh, the simplicity of childhood.

We had a great weekend, although I am just now recovering. And just in time for this upcoming weekend, which will be just as busy, if not more. I am really starting to notice that I'm not the spring chicken that I thought I was...when did this getting old thing happen? Ha!


Anonymous said…
i am glad someone realizes i am not a babyholic.....ha ha... had a great time up there and at the party...that kid can eat...Both of them...see you this weekend...love mary
Pops said…
One of these days you are going to run out of things to blame on me. Love ya.
Tracye said…
Oh my stinkin' heck!!! You are so funny!

I was laughing out loud.

Was going to link to this post, until you put that hideous last picture on there.

The world could so do without that one.

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