Monday, May 31, 2010


...where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!!!!!

You're welcome for getting that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

What's that?

Normal (non-Oklahoman) people don't know that song?

Well you're missing out, I tell ya. Missing out! The song, like the state herself, is OK!

Anyway, we just got back from the Grand Land I Used To Belong To.

{And here's where I stop all cheesy musical references. Yes, I promise.}

We were only there for two and a half days after driving time is factored out. Which means that it was a super packed, non-stop few days of which I'm not sure we've all recovered from just yet. Harrison did GREAT. I'm so proud of him, really. The drive up there was 11 hours after several stops and one incident where we got lost (TOTALLY Michelle's fault, by the way). He probably slept only about 2 of those 11 hours, and the rest he patiently hung out in his car seat. The drive back was much better at only (ONLY, ha!) 9 hours. And in between the two drives we dragged him around constantly from one house/store/place to another meeting tons of new people, and he was SUCH a trooper. I will probably pay for it this week, but like I said: So. Proud.

He got to meet my dad and most of his side of the family on this trip, along with my very best friend from childhood and her hubby who were beyond hospitable by opening up their home (read: letting us completely invade their space). We had so much fun catching up with everybody!

The trip included hopping from house to house to meet and hang out with everyone, as well as a fun BBQ hosted by the Halfords and a DE-LISH-US Korean feast that my Aunt Yong so kindly prepared for us. If you haven't had the delight of trying Korean food, stop reading this and RUN to the nearest restaurant. Not that any restaurant could do my aunt's cooking justice. I hadn't had her Korean dinner in probably 15 years or more, so this was a huge treat!

And here is where I bombard this post with a million pictures. There would have been more, except that I left my camera at my grandpa's house for pretty much half the trip. Apparently I'm not very good at keeping tabs on my Canon.  

Think we got everything?

Grandpa Kelly meets Harrison, and his intoxicating baby smell.

Harrison and Great Grandma Pursell

Loved holding her hand!

 Rick was pumped to get in some much needed Tony Time.

Kelsey + Tienna = BFF&A! A little known fact since 4th grade.

Harrison and his Great Grandpa Pursell

Giving G. Grandpa a workout

Hamming up the baby kisses

Quality time with Grandpa

Enjoying G. Grandma's lap

Tickle time!

Looking pretty comfy

Geez Aunt Michelle, I know I've got style, but get your own!

Michelle, me, & Tienna - at an angle courtesy of Tony's mad skillz.

Harrison and my cousin Russell, right before he spit up yellow squash all over his white shirt. Go figure!

I'm a little worried that my Aunt Yong might make a trip down here to do a little baby-snatching.

And I'm a little worried that Harrison wouldn't mind!

80 Yokimondu and all were devoured. Y-U-M!

fried rice, yakimondu, bbq'd ribs, bulgogi, and sesame bean sprouts. I'm still drooling.

Michelle, Yong, and a filthy baby

The dreaded (partial) family shot

Have I mentioned how much I love these two?? And that Harrison would LOVE a little baby friend? :)

Goodbyes are always so hard.

Hopefully our next visit will be longer and much sooner than our typical every two years!


Jeff Norman said...

Glad you guys had fun! That made me hungry!

Tracye said...

Seriously, next time, if you're going to post pictures of food like that, you'd better be bringing home some leftovers!!!

I'm glad y'all had fun!

Looks like Harrison could have stayed with your Aunt for a bit... that's awesome they all enjoyed each other so much!

You're so brave! Just thinking about a drive that long makes me twitch.

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