'Tis the Season

December was a busy month like it is for everybody. But I will say we skipped a lot of our normal traditions and had a much more low-key holiday season this year. I love all of the activities we usually do, but I didn't want to feel overwhelmed with a new baby. Plus, I really enjoyed just sitting around holding that new baby.


Harrison was the Star Student in his class. It fell on the week of his birthday, which was extra special for him. He was so excited to bring home Berry, the classroom mascot. Of course the first thought that went through my mind is that this bear has traveled from kid to kid to kid and, ew. Then Harrison eagerly pulled Berry's journal out of his backpack and my second thought was yay! I can't wait to keep a diary and print out pictures of a stuffed animal's adventures all week!!! lol. Definitely not the best use of time, but Harrison thought it was fun. Berry went a lot of places with us that week and I'm just thankful he didn't get lost while in our care.

His poster we made - I thought it was sweet that he wanted to include the twins and Elby with our family

they sat at their own table because they're obviously too cool for us...

Harrison's class sang Christmas songs at Barnes and Noble. Berry was excited to watch.

Then we enjoyed some delicious hot cocoa before we headed out to get our advent tree. Normally we go to a tree farm and cut our own tree down, but this year we opted to pick one up at the nursery instead.

*Harper was not pictured below because she was too busy having an it's-past-my-bedtime meltdown and wanted no part in smiling for a picture.


We went to the Dickinson Festival of Lights with Ashley and her boys. We try to go every year. Although this year might have been our last because it was insanely crowded. I don't do well with large crowds and couldn't wait to just get out of there. The kids were cranky, too. Next time we will go earlier and definitely on a weeknight.


Harrison brought home a present for me that he made in school. Homemade gifts are my favorite!

And of course he made his gingerbread man into Darth Vader. He even cut out and glued on a light saber. :)


One tradition we didn't skip was our Frosty night. We watched the movie and then headed to Wendy's. We tried to just go through the drive thru but the kids were NOT having it. They insisted we go inside and sit at "our" table like we do every year. I love that we are making fun little memories!

next year she'll get to participate in the Frosty-devouring


Another tradition for the ladies in my family is to go to the Houston Nutcracker Ballet. My grandma, mom, & I have been going for the last several years. I didn't go this year since I am nursing, but Harper went in my place. It was her first time going and she loved it! I was so sad to miss her reaction but she has been telling me all about it ever since.


We started our advent candles, but only made it through 3 weeks. But at least we started? I'm sure next year will be less chaotic.


I thought this was the cutest thing ever. I was just about to get onto Harrison for messing with the tree, and then I saw what he was doing. Harper got some mistletoe-on-a-stick as a joke for Christmas since she is always teasing Harrison by chasing after him trying to kiss him. Well I caught him sticking in in the tree over Hadley and leaning down to give her kisses. So sweet! He is a great big brother.


And speaking of my sweet wild child, here is a message he left for me. The kids and I were stuffing goody bags to give to their classmates. Harper had a very organized assembly line going on while Harrison's pile was jumbled up like a tornado blew through. He wasn't very interested and asked if I could take over for him. I was more than happy to because his "method" was really stressing me out. Haha. I looked over at his station and saw that he had arranged some of his supplies to read I love you, Mom. He told me the gingerbread erasers were the two of us holding hands. Such a sweet boy.


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