Friday, January 22, 2016

Christmas Shopping

I did a lot of Christmas shopping online this year, but to me it's not quite the same as getting out to the stores and personally looking for special gifts. It's also fun to get the kids involved. Harper is a very thoughtful gift giver and her ideas crack me up. Here are just a few of the things she thought her daddy would love:

Daddy's always happy so he would love yellow shoes!

This would be easy for him to put in the yard since he doesn't like putting up lights!

Every holiday she always wants to get her daddy a t-shirt. Rick is notorious for wearing ratty t-shirts with holes in them so she always thinks he needs new ones. Here are the 2 she picked out for him this year...he owes me since I talked her out of jumping on these awesome treasures she found. ;)

He might like a kitty cat shirt to remind him of Kooter!

They always watch Scooby Doo together so I thought this was sweet. However, this one is so not appropriate! Ha!
creepy mystery machine

We all went to the mall to check out the new outdoor section they just added. Against our better judgment, we decided to give lunch a try at Maggiano's with all 3 kids in tow. It actually went surprisingly well! We told the kids that it was a lot fancier than the restaurants they usually go to (Chick-fil-a) and that they had to use their very best table manners and have excellent behavior. When we praised them for being so good, Harrison said, now can we go back to being ourselves again? Ha! Even he knows that they are crazy. :)

After lunch we let them get out their wiggles by running around the pavilion. It was surprisingly not crowded at all, which was lovely.

Here they are gazing in the window of the new candy store.

I needed to feed Hadley so I found a bench and the kids kept us entertained. They were singing Christmas carols at the top of their lungs.

And then Harrison started feeling sick with a tummy ache. He's sensitive to dairy and we let him have a little too much fried cheese at the restaurant. Of course the second he mentioned he wasn't feeling well, Harper chimed in that she was sick, too. Can't let her brother get all the attention!

I took the kids to Academy to get their dad the turkey fryer he has been talking about wanting for forever. It was the week of Christmas and I had to circle around the parking lot a few times and wait for someone to leave because there were no parking spots open. Imagine my excitement that I had all 3 kids with me. lol. But everything worked out well. They had 1 fryer left so we snagged it. It was a little challenging picking up a giant box while carrying a baby, but I am woman, hear me roar. Then we got in a line of 15 people and things started going south pretty quickly. A fussy baby, a whiny 4-year old, and a complaining 6-year old (Heaven forbid that my phone was dead and he couldn't play a game while we waited). Then a sweet lady told me to come ahead of her in line and instead of judging our circus, she offered me a smile and some encouragement and said it made her miss when her 3 kids were young. In the moment, I was pretty certain I would not these kinds of moments. Ha!
Harrison asked to take a picture of "the girls in his life" before we went in :)

And these last two pictures I have to include just because they are cute.

breakfast with my boy before doing some shopping

Harper's eclectic outfit she picked out

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