We welcomed 2016 with some of our favorite people - The Hurst crew! It's not always easy to find friends where all 4 spouses equally mesh well and it's not somewhat forced. Stacie and I met and became friends first, but Rick and Ben caught up fast and now there are times where I sometimes wonder if they are secret boyfriends. Hahaha. All of our kids are great friends as well. We love us some Hursts and are so thankful for their their friendship.

 The year before last they came to our house on New Year's Eve and last year we were supposed to go to their house, but then our kids got sick and were running fevers so we had to cancel. This year we had a do-over. Stacie whipped up a yummy taco spread and we just hung out. The kids played and watched movies, the grown ups threw down on some cards, and there was even a little kitchen dance party thrown in the mix. It was a fun night!

this little girl was wide awake for all the action

she was so excited about her sparkling juice

they lasted approximately 30 seconds after loading up in the truck :)

And even though we toasted to a happy and healthy 2016, an hour after that toast as I was settling into bed, my throat started feeling scratchy. I woke up the next morning and it was still sore and I felt like a cold was coming on.

Rick and the big kids slept in until TEN. That is the latest Harper has ever slept in her entire life! Hadley and I enjoyed our quiet morning while we waited for the rest of the family to stir. Then we hung out and played. Harper and I made a yummy black eyed pea recipe while Harrison and his dad built this paper x-wing model he got for his birthday:

I went through the kids' closets and came across a few dresses that my mom had saved from my childhood. Harper begged to try them all on and I got tickled by how excited she was. She loves fashion and thinks the 80s was quite stylish. Here she is holding a picture of me at the same age in the same dress. Apparently I was a little less thrilled:

We went to Mom & Tim's house for lunch and to celebrate his birthday. These boys take blowing out candles quite seriously. Ha!

My throat kept getting worse and worse and by the time we got back home one of my tonsils was huge and covered in white patches. That's always a great sign. Or not. A trip to urgent care confirmed it was strep and I got myself a nice big shot of penicillin in my bum. I sure know how to ring in the new year with a bang...really hoping it's not an indication of how the rest of 2016 is going to go. We could reeeeeeally use some good health in the Boyd house for a change.


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