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I found more pictures in a draft post from November. So here is more of what we were up to.

silly kids being silly

My first grocery trip with a new baby in tow. I had to get creative because her carrier takes up the entire basket. So I had Harper push her own and we filled it up. She was so excited to be my helper...or at least until she wasn't. Ha! She got bored and antsy halfway through and kept whining that her basket was too heavy. So by the end of the trip I was pushing one basket and pulling the other. Now I usually carry Hadley in the Ergo, even if it means I get covered in spit up. There is not much grosser than the feeling of warm vomit running down your cleavage and pooling in your bra, but I'll suck it up and deal with it over trying to wrangle two baskets. Overall though, it was a successful trip and I was proud of Harper for helping.

Here was my first trip to the store with all three kids. This was over Thanksgiving break, where for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to go to Walmart of all places. The week of Thanksgiving. Did I mention that part?

Thankfully we snagged one of those giant carts so I made the big kids ride. I have never been the type to ever get my kids candy or toys while grocery shopping.  It was never a habit I wanted to start and I wasn't really fond of the principal of rewarding good behavior when it is expected. However, I was acutely aware of the circumstances (WALMART the week of THANKSGIVING and the fact that I am now outnumbered 3 to 1). So at the last minute I told them we were going to reinforce their classroom behavior chart. I explained that I expected them to stay on green, but if they were extra good and got to blue, I would let them each pick out one thing under a dollar. And holy smokes, you would have thought I told them the prize was a million bucks. They were perfect little angels. No fighting. No whining. Excellent manners. I was dumbfounded. Usually trips like this are really stressful. No matter how much I prep them before we go inside and then try to redirect them to make wiser choices, they feed off of each other and it is usually a disaster. Which is why I always do my shopping when Harrison is in school. But this day was quite empowering! It's amazing was a piece of candy can do. Sometimes bribery is worth it. :)


Here is a perfect example of how opposite H1 and H2's personalities are:

Can you guess which one was colored by the four year old? I'll give you a hint: it's not the one with the giant target drawn over the turkey. Lol. Harrison does NOT like coloring pages or worksheets. He does the minimum amount of scribbling to appease his teacher and then starts drawing his own creations on the margins and on the back of the paper, which are almost always some sort of Star Wars scene. Harper, however, is very particular and methodical. She loves to be neat and stay inside the lines and is very detailed when she draws things. She is a perfectionist and gets really frustrated with herself if something she writes or draws doesn't turn out exactly the way she wanted it to. She LOVES arts and crafts and could sit at the table all day working. I love both of their styles!

Speaking of arts and crafts, I took her to Hobby Lobby to let her pick out some supplies for a few projects and she was literally dancing and twirling in excitement over all the Christmas decorations. She is our Happy Harper for sure.

She decided on Rapunzel for her Disguise a Turkey project. I helped her braid the yarn and cut out the fabric but she did the rest.

She has such a sweet heart.


We enjoyed lots of Hadley snuggles. They are the best. All of us are enamored with our chunky little Nugget.

Harrison thinks the video monitor is the coolest thing ever because it has an intercom that you can talk through. Here he was telling her, "Hadley, I am your brother" in his best Darth Vader voice. This kid cracks me up.

Never short on entertainment around here


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