October Fun

Here's what we've been up to this month. Hard to believe there are only 11 days left in October.


Both kids had school pictures taken. I find it really odd that in elementary they make you pay for the package before the pictures are even taken. Who knows what kind of smile this little goober made but I'm sure either way I would have ordered them anyway.

Harper loves to have her picture taken at home but it will be interesting to see if she smiled for the stranger behind the camera :)


 Rick was able to meet Harper and me for lunch one day. A tea room that I used to love had closed a few years ago due to an illness in the family. It just reopened even closer to our house so we went to check it out. When we first walked in, Harper immediately squealed about the chandelier and asked her daddy if he would get her one someday :)



My mom kept Harper while Rick and I took Harrison to an appointment one afternoon. We took advantage of the one-on-one time and let him pick out a special place to have dinner. He chose Cheesecake Factory, because clearly he is a genius. It was delicious and it was nice to get in some much needed quality time. I had to share these pictures of dessert. His face says it all.


Here is a collage of our new floors/baseboards. I love them. It feels like a brand new house. Although I think they will end up making me even more neurotic than I already am because I feel the need to clean them multiple times a day. They definitely don't hide dust and grime the way carpets do. But then again, that's a good thing.


I mentioned that Harrison had strep throat last week. He got a penicillin shot so when he was still running fever 3 days later I called his doctor and he said the fever was definitely not from the strep anymore and wanted me to bring him back in. He also had a terrible cough that had turned into mild pneumonia. Poor guy was not feeling so hot. More breathing treatments, oral steroids, antibiotics, and rx cough syrup finally got him feeling better.

By day 4 we were all getting a little (a lot) stir crazy. I kept Harper home from school on Tuesday since she said she wasn't feeling good. Turns out she was totally playing hooky and was completely fine. Little turkey. She later told me that she wishes that she and Harrison could be twins so they could be in the same class and see each other all the time like they used to. She was just missing her bubba and how sweet is that? Sweet...except all they did for 4 days straight was fight and bicker constantly! They used to rarely fight and always played SO well together. But she also used to just go along with everything he wanted to do. She's much bossier and sassier now and now they fight a LOT. Plus he was sick and grouchy so it was definitely a recipe for disaster.

At one point I sent both of them to their rooms and told them to find something to do for an hour so I could regain some of my sanity. Here's how Harper resurfaced:


2 skirts and a ski hat = a "huwaii" dancer outfit. Love her imagination.

We also took a bunch of goofy pictures and videos of ourselves. Then Harper wanted to record herself saying one of the bible verses she's learned. And of course Harrison had to do it as well, because how absurd to not to share the spotlight :) These videos make my heart so happy. I pray that they not only memorize scripture but that it truly penetrates their hearts.

I was so thankful for cooler weather and took them to the park to blow off some steam on his last day of fever once he had perked back up.

showing off their muscles

Love these two with all of my might!


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