Harper at 4

So, as usual, I'm really late getting this birthday post wrapped up. I started in May and I'm finishing it up right before she turns 4 1/2. It's really not my fault that she insists on aging so quickly. :)


Harper is 4! She proudly holds up those 4 little fingers when anybody asks her age and gives them a big grin. She's enjoying it so far and so are we!

growing, growing, growing

At your 4 year checkup in May you weighed 33 lbs and were 39 1/2 inches tall (32nd 45th percentile, respectively).

You wear a 4T in dresses and shirts but in bottoms you wear 2T-3T. You have a skinny minnie tushy! You wear a size 8 in shoes. (and now at 4 1/2 you wear a 4T/5T in dresses and shirts, a 3T/4T in bottoms, and size 9 shoes)

We started doing a birthday interview last year. Here are your answers at age 4:

Favorite song: Let It Go
Favorite toy: my Elsa castle
Favorite food: my favorite food is cucumbers
Favorite outfit:  my Jasmine costume
One food you don’t really like: roast beef. And watermelon.
Favorite book: My princess book
Favorite movie: Frozen
Favorite TV show: Scooby Dooby Doo
Favorite thing to do: bake cakes with Mommy
Favorite restaurant: Five Guys
Favorite singer: Pink
Favorite memory: This one time, I found a broom that was a short broom. Not very long like a long broom. I found it in the Lego box that has big Legos in it. I think I was 2.
Favorite store: HEB
Favorite game: hide and go seek
What do you love to learn about: I like to learn about snow
What was the best part about your birthday? all the princesses and jumping in the bounce house
What was your favorite birthday present? the whole kingdom of Palace Pets
What does Daddy do for his job: Goes to work on workdays and works fixing machines
What does Mommy do for her job: takes care of Harper & Harrison. She used to work at Taco Bell.
What is something Daddy says to you a lot? I love you
What is something Mommy says to you a lot? I love you
What is something you say to us a lot? I love you, Mommy! I love you, Daddy!

What is something that you like to do most with Mommy? Bake a cake
What is something that you like to do most with Daddy? Help him make pancakes
What is something that you are really good at? I'm really good at arts and crafts. Coloring and painting and drawing.

What do you what to be when you grow up? A mommy. And a doctor that takes babies out of the person's belly and delivers the babies. I always wanted to do that. Oh, and a flower picker. Somebody who picks beautiful flowers and gives them away to other people.
What is something that makes you happy? Going to the beach
What is something that makes you sad? Not going to Chuck-E-Cheese
What is something that makes you laugh? Tickling me
What do you think about before you fall asleep? My birthday parties! And I think of you, Momma.
Who are your best friends? Marcus. That is who I'm going to marry. And Abigail is my best friend, too. Oh, and Harrison is, too.
The coolest person on earth is: Daddy
Who is your hero? I give up. I don't know. Nobody's my hero. I don't ever say, "you're my hero" to anyone so I guess nobody is.
How old are you? 4
How old is Mom? 10
How old is Dad? 21


So Harper, what are you up to these days?

*You are so very affectionate. You must tell me probably 10 or more times a day how much you love me and that I'm your favorite mommy in the whole wide world and then follow it up with kisses. You love to kiss my face, my belly, my hand, my arm -- anything. I LOVE this about you. It warms my heart and brightens my day. You are the same way with your dad, too. And when you pray at meals you always say, "thank you for a great daddy" every single time. So cute.

*You pretty much fit the stereotype for being a girl to a T. You love dresses. You have a strong opinion on which ones you prefer in your closet and rate them by their twirl factor. You love pink and purple. You love princesses and dolls. You love to bake and cook. You love anything that sparkles. You love jewelry (especially diamonds). You have an obsession with chandeliers and literally squeal when you spot one out and about. You told your daddy he needed to buy you a diamond chandelier for your new bedroom :) You find and admire the beauty in everything, which I love about you. You LOVE flowers and are always stopping to smell them and pick them for people. You ask me every day when we will get to visit "Hu-waii" because they have REAL flower necklaces there and lots of pretty hula dancers with flowers in their hair. You also have big plans for a backyard flower garden once spring rolls around.

*But even though you are very "girly," you are also very spunky in so many ways as well. You love playing outside and don't mind getting dirty or sweaty. You enjoy potty humor like the best of the boys. You have a pretty funny dark side and are always cracking us up.

*You are very shy and quiet around others until you have time to warm up. I so feel your pain. I was the same way and still am sometimes. You give me a report when I pick you up from school on how much you talked that day -- usually it's "I only talked a tiny bit." But you talk nonstop once you get in the car and are QUITE the chatty cathy at home. You get embarrassed easily and hate it when I tell someone a story about you -- even a cute one. It's always so easy to tell when you are feeling shy or embarrassed because you always do this weird thing with your tongue in your cheek and you always try to hide (under the table, under my shirt, behind my legs, behind the couch cushions, etc).

*You are generally very well behaved but I will say as you have approached 4 1/2 you've been pushing boundaries more than you ever have. You never really went through terrible twos or threes so this is all new. You've got some sass and some bossiness and some entitlement issues that have been surfacing so we are working on those :) Thankfully you are pretty quick to reset once you've been disciplined. And thankfully you only push boundaries at home -- you have never moved off green at school and most days you actually move up to blue or pink. You appear to be a people pleaser like your mommy.

*You love to color and draw and enjoy any and all arts and crafts projects. You are a perfectionist and get frustrated if you don't write a letter or shape exactly the way its supposed to look. You color very well for your age and almost always within the lines. You enjoy filling out worksheets in your preK class and showing them off to me as soon as you get in the car. You love painting and decorating activity books with glitter pens and stickers.

*You have quite a designer's eye. You enjoy looking through catalogs and pointing out all the pretty stuff you like. You get excited about any kind of decorations whether it's for the holidays, birthdays, home decor, etc. You have your birthday parties planned out for the next several years and let's just say you agree with the saying that "it's all in the details."

*I love your sweet, soft-spoken voice and they way you say things. You still have trouble with the pronunciation of certain consonants. We had you evaluated for speech therapy back in March but the therapist said she wasn't concerned at all. You are above average in language skills and she said that the "normal" range for enunciating sounds is very broad and you are still well within it. So now I get to sit back and enjoy the cute way you say certain things without having to worry :)

A few of my favorites off the top of my head are:

"bachine" = machine
"bassage" = massage
"bakeetos" = mosquitoes
"Hu-waii" = Hawaii 

It's funny because you have no issues saying "m" but for some reason you switch it with a "b" on certain words. The main consonant sounds you struggle with are "s", "x", "sh", and sometimes "r".

Harper Grace, until you become a mommy there is no way you can know how deep my love for you runs. You always tell me that you love me "higher than heaven" and yet even that doesn't fully capture the love I hold in my heart for you. You are the kindest, funniest, smartest, most compassionate young lady I know and I'm so extremely thankful I get to be your momma. You fill my heart and my days up with joy!


Tienna said…
I love everything about this. I'm so glad you do this with your babies. It gives those of us that don't get to see them on a regular basis a big insight into who they are. I mean, I love them by default, but it's sure nice to get to actually fall in love with them regularly as well. :) And your kids are totally easy to fall in love with!!

Also, have you ever worked at Taco Bell? I remember IHop way back in the day, but don't remember Taco Bell.

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