A Baby Shower for Hadley

I have the BEST friends.  I don't often write a lot about them on here because I try to respect privacy and don't know how they feel about having themselves out there on the internet, but I am so very thankful for each one of them! When they started insisting on a baby shower I felt a little silly since this is baby #3 and we really don't need a lot. But I'm so glad that I took them up on it because it gave us the opportunity to get together and celebrate this sweet baby girl who deserves being celebrated. And it gave me something to look forward to in a pretty miserable pregnancy. I can count on one hand the number of times I've gotten together with my friends since becoming pregnant and it was good for my soul to get in some girl time with these lovely ladies!

I wanted to keep it small and made them promise not to overdo it. Of course, they didn't listen and went above and beyond to make it beautiful :) I kept the guest list to close friends, the grandmas, and the ladies from my small group. There ended up being 13 of us and it was perfect. The hostesses were Brandy, Ashley, Stacie, Trina, Katie, & Rachel. Other guests that were able to make it were my mom, Donna, Aimee, Paige, & Christy. And I can't forget Harper. At first I told her it was just for grownups, but she begged me to go. And how can I say no to my sweet big girl who is so excited about welcoming her baby sister? She was extremely shy at first but once she got some sweets and helped open the gifts she started to come out of her shell a little.

She coordinated our outfits :)
precious invitations


gorgeous diaper cake and cookie favors

the spread -- so yummy

How cute is this banana split bar?? It was the one thing I've craved this pregnancy.
both adorable and delicious

punch and water -- the water bottles had cute labels on them but I didn't get a picture

These are my people! Ashley, Trina, Stacie, me, Katie, Rachel, & Brandy

There was lots of laughter trying to get these next two pictures.

so happy to make her banana split

Rachel & Brandy, and Trina, Campbell, & Stacie in the kitchen


Mom and Donna

love this!
me and Rachel (and Aimee in the background)
 I had a great helper when it came time to open up gifts. She was so excited.

What a special afternoon! So thankful for everyone who came to celebrate our little Hadley.


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