I'm going to attempt to catch up the blog on our life over the last several months. It will mostly be a picture dump since a) I don't remember much past yesterday and b) we haven't really had a ton of exciting things lately that require a lot of explanation. :)

Here is what our March looked like. Or at least what I took pictures of:

couch snuggles. She rarely falls asleep outside of her bed so I had to snap this picture

my phone went missing and I finally found it under Harrison's bed. Apparently he was busy texting his grandma before preschool. I laughed so hard when I read their conversation. He is all boy.

Rick texted this to me. He took her on a father/daughter date

"Mommy, take my picture in front of the beautiful flowers!"

Always wanting to help. Such sweet boys.

They LOVED having this little chunk around. We all did.

ice cream treat after getting blood work done at the doctor

She wanted to pretend to have naptime but then actually fell asleep. March must have been a growth spurt for this little girl because she hadn't taken naps in months.

"Mom, look at me! I'm Daddy!"

wearing his football "helmet"

visit from Mamaw & Papaw = a new cowboy hat and boots!

We also went to Bass Pro, but this little girl slept through the whole thing. March was apparently a sleepy month for her!

rain geared up

playing in the "boat" they built

they are the best co-sleepers ever....or not

I remember putting the kids to bed and then being frustrated by the state of my house. And then I walked into the kitchen and found this and had to smile. One day I will miss having toys scattered everywhere.

Maybe it was my first trimester sleepiness that rubbed off on them. This is RARE right here. Maybe he was sick??

My first craving. Rick went and picked up macaroni salad and pickles for me. It also became my first meal to throw up and I haven't stopped since. I was about 5 or 6 weeks pregnant at this point.

Bad, bad dog

Rick googled remedies and came home with these for me. They didn't work, but man did I marry a great guy.

Fun at Houston Party Playland

This cracks me up! They decided they would model in the window at Michael Kors :)

Cinderella with best friends!

Walking down the steps in her glass slippers
zoo attempt to do something fun on my birthday. It was the opposite of fun for me since I was feeling so miserable but at least the kids had fun.
birthday gifts

this was my gift from the kids :)

Lots of dress up and mothering

Rick took the big boys to a battleship

Took them to the park and this boy was quick to find a giant puddle to splash in

And then he had the nerve to throw a giant fit and blame us for letting him get wet. Sigh.

Staring contest

My bedside visitors keeping me entertained

bubble bath fun

She always cheers me up with her happy smile

I remember this next day distinctly. I had been sick for about 2 weeks at this point. We had planned to take the kids to the rodeo and they were so excited. I forced myself to get out of bed and go. I didn't want to miss out (especially since Harrison was muttin' bustin' for the first time) and thought if I sucked it up and pushed myself, I might actually feel better. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I threw up multiple times in the car on the way there and back. The smells of the animals and the smells from the fair food were NOT helpful. I was so miserable and was always looking for the closest bathroom so I wouldn't have to get sick in front of everyone. I threw up multiple times while we were there, and sobbed like a baby when the toilet water from the nasty public restroom splashed back all over my face. It was in that moment that I knew this wasn't just morning sickness and I couldn't just push through.

But, at least the kids had a good time.

first trip to the ER

and first hospital stay a few days later when my OB wanted me admitted.

sweet husband who offered to blow dry my hair. It was comical :)


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