Vacation: Day 7

We woke up and were happy to leave our gross roach motel. (I might be exaggerating a little...told you I'm a hotel snob!) We had about 30 miles to drive before we reached the caverns.

Harper demanded our undivided attention so she could "read" this book to us. Precious girl.

We went down an elevator that took us down 750 feet into the caves. We did a self-guided tour since Harper was too young to do a group tour and both kids did so great. They thought it was the coolest thing ever.

hehehe...I'm so mature

This was our view as we were descending down out of the park:

But it wasn't long before I was stuck in my own worst nightmare. A two-lane road with tons of oilfield trucks and nasty rain. I think the 2 hours of riding on this road shaved years off my life.

We stopped at some little rinky-dink town for lunch at Pizza Hut. We were happy for some familiar comfort food. Thankfully the rain let up and we made it to I-10 where the lanes doubled and divided and I felt like I could relax a little! We continued on all the way to San Antonio. It was another long day of traveling and boy did it feel good to be back in a big city. Priceline came through for me in a big way and I got us an awesome room at the Hyatt for...wait for it...$60! This made me feel so much better. It was a really nice hotel and probably one of the best rooms I've ever stayed in, and we paid half of what we paid for the dump the night before. Not to mention we got a free yummy breakfast the next morning which saved us another $20+! Yeah baby! I'm not sure I should be this excited about a hotel room, but I am a dork so there you go.

Our night continued to get brighter when we found a perfect restaurant right across the street from our hotel with no wait on a Friday night AND great food and service. More comfort food to welcome us back home. You guessed it, tex-mex!

Harper being silly...she wouldn't stop licking me. My kids are weird!
the restaurant even had a playground outside so the kids could blow off some pent-up energy

We came back and showered and spent 2 hours trying to get the kids to actually lie down. They were bouncing off the walls after being in the car all day. And remember when I said Harper's hair was so much straighter in New Mexico without the humidity? Another sign we were back in south Texas:

welcome back, curls!


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