Dear Harrison,

Today you are FOUR! We have been counting down the days for months now. You, with great anticipation and excitement, as you are always quick to point out to everybody that you are three and three quarters and that means almost four, and me, with matched excitement, but also, as usual when it comes to my babies leaving a stage behind, a little sadness. We have a joke between the two of us where you love to tell me to just try to keep you from growing taller. I always stack a couple of books on your head and tell you I'm going to keep you this size forever, and you giggle out your infectious laughter as the books tumble down and you say, I'm growing, I'm growing, I'm grooowwwwing!!!!!

I thank God each and every day that He allows me to continue to watch you grow. You are a special, special boy. You have a HUGE personality and are so funny and determined and smart and kind. You are a joy and a constant source of smiles and laughter. I wish I could express to you just a fraction of how much love I hold for you in my heart. Happy birthday, my sweet baby boy! You will always, always, always be my baby.



Jocelyn said…
Happy birthday, Harrison!!!

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