Movie Monday {kids sing at church}

Harper made her first stage debut at church on Sunday and Harrison made his first stage debut where he wasn't sobbing. I wasn't so sure it was going to end well considering both kids were clinging to my legs as we walked down the hall to drop them off in peewees. Poor Harrison LOVES to perform and you would never guess he has stage fright until you see him up on a stage. As we were getting ready for church he came in and told me that his tummy hurt and that he was scared to be up high and of how many people there were going to be. I get it, kid. I totally get it. We said a prayer for God to give him courage and to take away his fear. The last thing he said to me as I dropped him off was, "I really hope God answers my prayer." Sweet, sweet boy. The good news is that God did answer his prayer and not only did he make it up there without freaking out, he actually sang and danced and did all the motions! Harper didn't cry, but she wasn't really loving it. At one point during the first service, you see her just start walking backwards until you can't see her anymore. Ha!

This video is from the second service. Brandy took it and sent it to me since I was on stage and didn't get to see it from the audience. My kiddos are toward the right side of the stage. Harper is in a blue dress with red and white striped leg warmers and Harrison is in tan cords and a blue sweater (and I'm ducking down in the back, trying my hardest not to be seen -- right along with Harper). I love how he just starts randomly strolling across the front of the stage toward the end of the video...he later told me he was looking for his daddy. And Brody is quite entertaining as well as he politely shoves Walker out of his way. Too many superstars on one stage. :)


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