Vacation: Day 2

We woke up underneath an Amarillo sky (name that song). We hunted down a mom & pop pancake diner before leaving town, and then with full bellies we hit the road again.

Harrison made me take this picture (name that movie)

Unfortunately, the view out our windshield was more of boring, flat nothing. You know it's bad when you get all excited when you see some cows along the side of the road. Hurry honey, grab the camera! There is actually something to look at!

Thankfully, the closer we got to New Mexico the more interesting the scenery got.

hills! curves! visual interest!

In more ways than one.

Tell me who in their right mind would pass up an indian buffet at a freakin' truck stop. Jackpot! (for food poisoning, anyway)

Their 4th state to visit

Before we knew it, our drive became stunningly beautiful. My iphone camera from a moving car really did a lousy job capturing it, but it truly was. 

We drove on this road for 30 minutes before passing a single car. It was a perfect drive.

We had to stop and take this picture to send to Papaw

even the gas station was adobe style
driving into the mountains

Our odometer turned to 1000 miles just as we pulled into Red River. How cool is that?! A long drive, but totally worth it.

first time touching snow
approximately 3 seconds later :)

We got settled in our townhouse and got the kids changed to play in the snow.

My little angel baby knew just what to do.

We found a nice local steakhouse for dinner and it had great rustic charm. It had a beautiful wooden staircase and we were seated upstairs. Which was great.....until Harrison had an epic meltdown because he was scared of being so high. We're talking screaming, crying, fear and panic in his eyes. Over being upstairs. Even though he had just been running up and down the stairs at our condo talking about how he wished our house was a "staircase house" because they are so cool. And that's how you know you have a tired little boy on your hands.

Harper sure was happy, though. And check out how straight her hair is! Amazing how no humidity can change your hair.

Notable Harrison quotes from our road trip:

"This is where we're eating? It looks like a gas station."

And after lunch we gave the kids each a quarter for the gumball machine.
"I'll never eat a gumball  because they're balls and I don't eat balls."

"Aww, I wanted a blue ball. Why did I have to get a white ball? I really only like blue balls!" (I'll let you imagine Rick's totally-sophisticated-and-not-at-all-immature comment to that one) ha!

Harper had a few shining moments as well. She poured about 3 tablespoons of salt on her pancakes and then later shook a bunch of pepper on her ice cream. But it didn't faze her in the least so to each their own, I guess. Love those kids!


Jocelyn said…
What fun!!! Merry Christmas Vacation!

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