Vacation: Day 4

On Day 4 we decided to take a mini-road trip. It sounds nuts to type that considering we had already driven 1000 miles just to get to Red River. But we had read a lot of great things about New Mexico's Enchanted Circle and decided to check it out. Driving through the beautiful mountains is not your typical road trip and we didn't have any complainers, so I would call it a success.

And who am I kidding...driving through nature instead of hiking through nature is definitely my cup of tea. You get to see everything and don't actually have to exercise. Or freeze. It's kind of a win-win.

See the mountain goats? We parked and watched them for a while.

Driving into Taos. If only Houston commutes were this pretty.

How would you like to look out your back window and see this mountain every day?

Taos is such a neat town. You can tell there is a ton of history there even by just driving through. If we had been kidless we could have spent the whole day there exploring all the little shops and museums, but we didn't even attempt. The town actually feels a lot bigger than it actually is and also feels like you could be in another country. They have so much fascinating culture.

Just about every single structure was the adobe style...even McDonalds
We planned a trip to the youth center in Taos to do a little ice skating. Rick was NOT looking forward to it but he is a really good sport. Let's just say that his last ice skating attempt in the Galleria a decade ago didn't quite go so well. It may or may not have ended with a collision, fall, and embrace with a flamboyant transgender. I will never, ever forget that day. I'm pretty sure I have not laughed so hard in all of my life. But thankfully for my sweet husband, we were the only other ice skaters there and he didn't have to fight any children over the support bars...other than his own. :)

I couldn't get over all the mountain views

After our stop in Taos, we continued along the Enchanted Circle. We found a perfect spot to play in the snow and were happy to find that it would actually pack. The snow near our condo was too powdery and you couldn't even form a snowball. We weren't exactly dressed for snow play but we made it work and had the best time! Ashley gave us this cute personalized snowman kit and it worked out perfect.

Meet Frosty Boyd

I may have taken over control of the snowman building. Just maybe. All the kids wanted to do was knock him down. The nerve! So after I snapped a couple of pictures I let them have at it. Poor Frosty.

Frosty went down fighting, though.

Rick decided it would be fun to roll down a hill into a ravine.

But at the bottom of the hill he changed his mind. 

much anticipated snowball fights!

he didn't stand a chance. I'm ruthless.

We got back to our condo and just had some downtime. Lots of Candy Land, Marbleous, and Legos were played. And then I surprised Harper by giving her a toddler mani/pedi. She was so excited. I still can't get over the difference between boys and girls. She sat there patiently for 10 minutes just chatting with me and watching me paint my toenails while she waited for her polish to dry. I think I could offer Harrison a million bucks and it would still be physically impossible for him to sit still like that!

We ended our day by watching Elf. I don't think I could ever get tired of that movie!


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