Time to lace up the tennis shoes.

I'm reeeally looking forward to getting into a routine now that we're semi-mobile these days. Harrison starts PeeWee School next week. He'll be going on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-2 and I'm excited for him -- I know he's going to have such a great time and his teachers are all fabulous. We went to the parent orientation last week and even though I went in there promising myself I wouldn't over-commit myself, I totally caved and signed up to be one of the room moms. Now I'm promising myself I won't stress myself out over any of the projects...hopefully I'll actually keep this one. I'm really looking forward to a few hours each week with just my Harpie Harp. While Harrison is busy playing and learning we'll be getting in some good girl time!

Not only will we soon have Tuesday and Thursday routines but in a few weeks I also start BSF on Wednesdays. I can't wait! I am in desperate need of some uninterrupted quality time with the Lord. I have no idea which class I'll be placed in or even which book of the Bible we'll be studying, but I'm excited for this opportunity to participate in such a great program. I'm sure Harrison and Harper will also have fun learning more about Jesus and being loved on by the sweet nursery workers. It's going to be good for all of us!

As if our new schedule isn't filling up fast enough, we also signed up for gym memberships at the YMCA over the weekend. Now, this girl hates pretty much anything to do with exercise. But trust me when I tell you that my poor body is in bad shape -- two back-to-back pregnancies and bed rest haven't been very kind to me and somewhere along the way my abs decided to go AWOL. This morning I loaded up the kids and headed to the gym for my first work out, and I gotta say I was pretty stoked to have an hour to myself. I found myself smiling at the prospect of watching cable tv and enjoying a smoothie alone and I even started daydreaming about the fact that if I want, I can totally take advantage of the locker room and get in a quiet, peaceful shower without a toddler destroying the house or a baby crying through the monitor. Up to 2 hours of childcare...the possibilities are endless, ha! I am definitely looking forward to taking some time each day for me again. Even if my "me time" is in the form of exercise (or watching tv and drinking smoothies and showering, whatev :)). I'm thinking this is going to do wonders for me physically and mentally!

Another perk of the Y is that they have an awesome pool. We went yesterday and Harrison LOVED it. Which made dropping him off at child watch this morning a little challenging because he thought we were going swimming again. He had a meltdown and threw a temper tantrum, but was better in an instant when he spotted some trucks to play with. Oh, to have the problems and worries of a toddler!

I had to laugh when I was putting on my tennis shoes this morning and Harrison kept pointing at them all excitedly saying, "Dada Goos? Dada Goos!" (Daddy's shoes? Daddy's shoes!) No, Son, these are Mommy's shoes...even if you've never seen Mommy wearing anything on her feet even remotely resembling athletic. Ha! Have I mentioned I'm out of shape? :)  Here he is right before bath time trying out the mysterious running shoes that have been hiding in my closet all this time. Harrison and shoes...he has a bit of a love obsession. This boy makes my heart smile every single day!


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