Monday ramblings.

I got a lot crossed off my list today. Don't you love days like that?

The day, however, did NOT start off so hot. First of all, Harrison has a head cold that he and Harper and I are all sharing. He woke up last night crying and coughing and so we gave in and let him sleep with us. Part of me absolutely loved it because it meant snuggling with my boy who rarely likes to snuggle, but that child must have kicked me in the face no less than 5 times. And I didn't sleep well because mama's just can't sleep well when their babies are sick and whimpering throughout the night. (And constantly sliming you with their snot.)

But then. THEN. This morning? I was sitting on the couch sharing a peaceful moment with Harper while she nursed, and out of the corner of my eye I saw something scurry. Wayyyy over by the laundry room. Which meant that the scurrying creature had to have been big enough to catch my eye from roughly 20 feet away. I frantically looked for the cat, and then quickly remembered he was useless to me anyhow since he won't go near anything other than his special rx brand of dry food. The cat totally lacks any animal instincts whatsoever. So I gathered up some courage along with one of Rick's shoes, and threw it across the room. Killed that huge, icky spider in one throw. Whew! Crisis averted.

But then. THEN. 5 minutes later? I went into my bedroom to get dressed for the day, and opened up my top dresser drawer to pull out a t-shirt. And then I nearly fainted. My clothes were COVERED in ants. I don't think I've seen so many ants clustered together in my life. I froze, trying to figure out what to do. (Seriously, what are you supposed to do in that situation?!) I called Rick, and he had a pretty reasonable solution. He told me to get a bottle and fill it with soapy water and spray the heck out of them. Which I did....and then just shut the drawer again like nothing had happened because that was all of the ants I could emotionally handle. It's the weirdest thing; they were only in one drawer, and it was the very top drawer. I couldn't even see a trail of them anywhere so they must have been coming up the back. I just don't understand what in the world would interest them so much in my clean clothes? And I had just put up laundry last night, so how could that many ants have invaded so fast? Needless to say, Terminix will be paying us a visit tomorrow. We've sprayed at least 5 times ourselves (and when I say "ourselves" I totally mean Rick, ha) and apparently it's time for the heavy duty poison.

The rest of the day was spent crossing boring things off my list like making phone calls and paying bills and running errands. We also ventured to the mall to look for a birthday gift for The Hubster, but Harper wasn't about it so we didn't stay long. Maybe she's just trying to cure my indecisiveness because we were in and out of the store in 5 minutes with a gift in hand. Ha!

Harrison has been cracking me up today. I love this age. He goes from throwing the biggest fits for no reason (which, okay, aren't so much fun) to laughing and singing and playing, just like that. Today we were reading a book and there was a picture of a boy in the bathtub and he looked up and said, "bubble bath?". He's starting to piece words together and is so proud of himself when he figures out a new combination. He jumped up and headed for the tub and was so cute that I went along with it and let him take one.

He's also starting to learn letters of the alphabet. He started showing interest in his initials over his crib, so I've been working with "H" and "B" with him the last couple of days. Then in the bathtub last night he pointed to his Baby Magic shampoo and said, "B"? To which I happily praised him. Then he pointed again and said, "M"? And sure enough, he was pointing right at the "M"! I haven't even been trying to teach him any other letters besides "H" and "B" so it totally surprised me. I guess he picked it up from either Sesame Street or one of his singing alphabet toys. I'm amazed how they are such sponges at this age! I pulled out the flash cards today and he could point out "A", "B", "H", "M", "K", and "O". It's so much fun seeing them learn new things...especially when their eyes light up when they realize they've figured something out.

Harper is doing a little better with her colic. Or at least we've figured out how to best manage it. A couple of friends suggested that I look into milk supply issues and after doing some research I really think this could be our main problem. Without boring you with too many details (go here if you are interested in the details), it appears I have an oversupply....which causes her to ingest too much fore milk and not enough hind milk....which causes her to ingest too much sugar and lactose...which causes her to have painful gas...which causes her to scream bloody murder. After making a few feeding adjustments I noticed an immediate improvement. She still has her really fussy moments but they are very predictable at this point. We know when to expect it and how to best handle it (basically by following the 5 S's of Happiest Baby on the Block). Which kind of restricts us to a schedule but we will gladly take that over the screaming.

What else can I ramble about? Oh, I know! My MIL and SIL and niece and nephews are coming up tomorrow for a couple of days. I'm looking forward to seeing all of them and doing some fun things with the kiddies. And, of course, celebrating my hubby's birthday on Wednesday. Which probably means I should wrap this up and get to cleaning my house.

Before I go, here's a quick video I took of Harrison tonight at dinner. He loves to make this silly face and then laughs hysterically at himself. He is such a hoot.  :)

Have a great week!


Tienna said…
What a perfect way to start off this lovely Tuesday. That kid is a HOOT!! His facial expressions are hysterical. *sigh* Miss you guys!

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