Proud, proud, proud!

Saturday we made the trip to Beaumont to see my mom do this:

After a lot of hard work, she walked across that stage to receive her master's degree. What an accomplishment! We are all so proud of her. We decided to be brave and bring the kids along with us and they did surprisingly well. Harrison sat still for about 20 minutes, which I'm pretty sure may be a record for him. Of course we were in and out of our seats a lot with 2 little ones, but I didn't want them to miss out on such a big day. Now they will always be able to say that they got to see their grandma graduate. How cool is that, right?

This is the face I get when I ask for a smile. Ha!

Harrison and his Beda

Harper and her Beda

Tim & Mom

Me & Mom

*******cue awkward segue*******

Speaking of proud, guess who went poo-poo in the potty for the first time today?!

OH YES I DID. But at least I had the courtesy to censor it for you!

We bought him a potty a couple of months ago but haven't really pushed the subject yet since he's still pretty young. We just wanted to introduce him to the idea of it and let him play with it a little before the true potty training begins. This morning I noticed him trying to leave me a present in his pants and directed him to the potty, and what do you know?! He actually went! I literally broke out in singsong and did a happy dance in celebration, I was so ecstatic. Then I promptly took a picture and texted it to Rick, who I'm pretty sure now thinks I'm a lunatic since I actually took a picture of poop. Not that it's the first time I've taken a picture of poop, as evidenced by this blog. Yes, I'm afraid somewhere along the way I officially became one of those moms. Oh dear.

And I never, ever imagined I would be talking about the accomplishments of higher education and pooping in the potty in the same breath. Ha! Nevertheless, I am so proud of both of them!

It's been a fun weekend. Friday night my friend Rachel and I joined some ladies from my book club to go see The Help. If you are looking for a great book to read or movie to watch, this is it, folks. I was really impressed with how well the director translated the book into a film since so many movies don't seem to do their book justice. Today was filled with church, a little shopping, and a barbecue with neighbors. And now I'm sitting here soaking in the beautiful silence while my babes are sleeping and my husband is at the grocery store. How awesome is he? A pretty great ending to an already great weekend, if I do say so myself!


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