Team H

Uh, Mom? You do realize that HE is in here with me, right? The one we refer to as the Wild Child?

You're just gonna sit there and take our picture when at any second he could squash me like a ton of bricks? Seriously, Mom. Put the camera down and save me!

Hey Sis! Let me fill you in on a few of my deep, dark secrets...

Whoa! OMG! My ears! My ears! This kid is crazy!!!!

But....hmm. He IS quite convincing. I think I just might have to join forces with him after all. You and Dad don't stand a chance!


Tracye said…

Looooooove the pictures!

And, no, you have no chance.

You *thought* God gave him a sister... what He really gave him is a partner in crime!
kelsey said…
Because it's my only quiet time, and lately my sanity needs quiet time more than I need sleep. Ha!
Jocelyn said…
Very cute... they'll be BFFs in no time. Oh and I love your new blog layout!
Anonymous said…
all my grandchildren are innocent.,..the parents must be the problem... ha ha... love all of them great pics... mamaw

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