My son has a new love, and her name is Water. Or as he would say, "Wa-Wa?", with his signature second syllable pitch increase which makes it sound like he's asking it as a question. I love the way he talks in his sweet little baby talk and I need to to get better at capturing more videos of him because soon he's going to get all grown-up on me and talk like a normal person. What nerve he has, right?

I digress.

Anyway. So we're under "preemie quarantine" for another couple of weeks. Since Harper's lung development is still catching up, her pediatrician advised us to absolutely avoid any and all sick children as to not pick up any dangerous germs. And to consider any and all children sick. Which means poor Harrison has been stuck at the house, too. We're all going a little stir crazy being stuck at the house, so lately we've been taking full advantage of the sprinkler. It's been record-breaking HOT here, so even going to the park has been out of the question lately, especially with a newborn in tow. The sprinkler has been the perfect solution.

Or at least it was the perfect solution, up until last week. Not only have we been having record-breaking heat here in South Texas, but we're also having serious drought issues. With the exception of a 10-minute shower a few weeks ago, it hasn't rained for over 3 months. And last week our city unknowingly broke the wee little heart of a love-crazed toddler by implementing a mandatory water restriction, and is enforcing it with a $500 fine for any violations. So now we're back to going insanely stir crazy, stuck in the house looking out the window at our grass and flowers being burnt to a crisp. (but hey, at least their unfortunate demise can't be blamed on me for once.)

Well, this weekend we decided to take matters back into our own hands. Saturday we went to my mom and step-dad's house for dinner and swimming. Harrison might as well be a fish with as much as he loves the water!

Sunscreened up and ready to go!

Two of his favorite things: his Beda and his ball

Why do these people insist on all of these flotation devices?

Swimming with Dad

Harper snoozing in the breezy shade.

Our plans to visit Rick's family on Sunday for Father's Day fell through at the last minute due to several people getting sick. (Get well soon!) We wanted to get out of the house (have I mentioned that we are all stir-crazy?), so we decided to reunite Harrison with his love once again. We drove up to The Woodlands where they have a market street with great shopping, restaurants, and most importantly, a waterway square.

And...he's off!

Hey! Where'd you go?

There you are!

One happy, wet baby.

Going under the water arch.

Possibly the cutest picture ever. And possibly the biggest milk gut ever!

We tried to get a good pic with Dad...

...but somebody was more interested in diving into the fountain.

And then we tried to get a good pic with Mom...

...but once again, somebody was more interested in trying to drown swim in the fountain.

I love that I'm married to a guy who prefers to spend his Father's Day doing things that bring smiles and laughter to his kids. I told him we could do whatever he wanted to do, and it was his idea to take his son (and daughter, but she doesn't quite appreciate it yet ;)) to play in the mack daddy of all sprinklers, even if it meant driving all the way across Houston.


Tienna said…
Oh too cute!! Your little monkey man brings a smile to my face every time I see him (Harrison, not Rick - haha!). I miss you guys!! Wish your hubster a very Happy Father's Day from us, even though we're a couple of day's behind. :) Love you!
Anonymous said…
glad you enjoyed the day..without me and the sick crew down here....mamaw misses all of you. hope to see you soon... kiss harper and harrison for me. love ya

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