Somebody pinch me.

Since I can't freeze time and keep my Harper this little forever (which, if you ask me, is totally unfair), I at least had to capture her newborn sweetness with a photo session so I can look back and remember her at this all too quickly passing stage. We had her pictures taken by Kat's Photography, which is where Harrison's were taken as well. I think the pictures speak for themselves as to her incredible talent. Although I'm sure it doesn't hurt to have such a perfect baby model, right? ;)  And since I'm too tired and it's too hard to narrow down my favorites, I'm just going to bombard you with all of the pictures. But who can actually get enough of newborn pictures anyway?

We tried to get a few family shots but neither kid wanted to cooperate, so this was the best we could do.

And of course we can't forget about Brother. Harrison decided he finally wanted to "cooperate" when it wasn't his turn, of course. He definitely has a mind of his own. Oh, how I love this little boy!

How cute are these two sets of feet side by side? I could just nom on their piggies all day long!


Jocelyn said…
Super cute... I love all the pictures!
Tienna said…
Precious!! They're about as perfect as two babies can get, I think. :) Miss you guys so much!

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