I pinch myself sometimes to make sure
I'm not in a dream, that's how it seems
I close my eyes and breathe in the sweetest moments
I've ever known, it feels like home

~Martina McBride

First sibling hug

Admiring his little sis

The 4 cutest cheeks in the whole wide world

Kiss for Sissy

More kisses

Rocking his baby

The 20 cutest toes in the whole wide world

An open mouth kiss for Sissy this time. She's so lucky!

My little baby and my big baby

Telling Sister his stories

And he's going to be a great one.

I just wanted to share a few of the sibling pictures we've managed to capture over the past few weeks. It's a bit challenging getting an infant and an 18-month old to cooperate, but honestly I think some of the "outtakes" are just as precious. Or amusing, to say the least.

Honey, let's see if we can snap a quick picture of them sitting together. One, Two...


Baby #1 is on the loose and should be considered dangerous!

Moooom! I don't WANNA give Harper a kiss. How 'bout I lick her instead?

Or chew on her?

Or, I know! I'll just suck on her forehead.
Attacking the papparazzi
And then sometimes you're lucky enough to capture a picture that makes your heart feel like it's going to burst into a million trillion itty bitty pieces because it simply does not have the capacity to hold the amount of love and gratitude you harbor inside. My cup runneth over, indeed.



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