I've kind of been in a blogging slump lately. I guess when it comes down to it, I prefer to use my 90 seconds of spare time I may or may not get each day to either eat, pee, or possibly even brush my teeth. Or maybe it's because I don't really have much to write about, seeing how the two rugrats and I have been cooped up in isolation. Or maybe I've just been much more concerned with spending my moments cuddling a newborn and playing hide-and-seek with a toddler than getting on the computer. Or maybe all of the above?

Actually, it's been a pretty crazy week. My sweet MIL left me Friday to fend for myself. (How dare her, right? Can you believe she only stayed 2 months? I guess I know where we stand with her... :P ) Well not even 4 hours after she left I started feeling really sick. I was running a mild fever and felt pretty nauseous and I just chalked it up to a stomach bug. Except instead of a stomach bug it turns out it was the beginning of a serious case of mastitis. I'll spare you the details, but it was miserable. I've been on antibiotics since Monday morning and I'm feeling a million times better already, so yay for that!

 I guess Harper was mad at her Mamaw for leaving, too, because it was right around that time that she decided to stop being the calm and quiet baby I was just bragging about and pull out the big guns. She has been so fussy and irritable and stays up all. night. long. She also went from eating in convenient 3-4 hour stretches to wanting the all-you-can-eat snack bar to remain open 24/7. I was worried that maybe she wasn't getting enough milk, but she was up to 7 lb., 6 oz. on Monday so that's definitely not the issue. The doctor officially diagnosed The Issue as a big fat jerk by the name of Mr. Colic. UGH. Just when I thought we were in the clear (Harrison also had colic, but his developed right in the beginning) it turns out that it's pretty typical for the presentation of colic to be delayed in preemies. Awesome, right? And while I feel sorry for us since we're not getting any sleep I feel much worse for her because it's obvious she is really uncomfortable. She has terrible gas pains and her reflux has gotten a lot worse. I sure hope it passes soon...all of us do.

What else has been going on this week? We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Monday! We didn't do anything special, because it was just one of those days. Next to no sleep, and when I did sleep I had nightmares. Woke up to a full-blown case of mastitis. Also woke up to an ant infestation of epic proportions. Both of those were fun. And then Harrison had his 18-month checkup where I had to physically hold him down so the nurse could give him his shots. Which gave him a fever...which meant that two of us had a fever and felt pretty crummy. All in all, not a great day. But I do have to say that at the end of it, as the four of us were hanging out on the couch in our pjs watching our wedding video, there's honestly no other place I would have rather been. It's crazy how much has changed over the course of just 5 years and I am so excited to see what the rest of our ever after holds!

I have a bajillion pictures I want to upload and a few posts I want to get up before the memories start to fade, but it will have to wait for another day. Kind of like the dishes in my sink, my sad, sad toenails in desperate need of some fresh paint, and the countless other things I need to do around here but just don't want to. You know, on account of the baby snuggling and toddler chasing. Life is rough. :)


Tracye said…
Blogging slump here, too. And I don't have a newborn to cuddle. Dangit. ;)

Mastitis sucks big flaming monkey balls. Sorry for that, but it does.

It will get better. All of it.

Just all takes getting used to.

And now, the two youngest are crying their eyes out, when they have been asleep for quite some time, so I must go.

Chin up!
Anonymous said…
i guess you could say you miss me??? spoiling the babies helped...ha ah miss all of you and will be back on monday. love ya mamaw

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