Take me out to the ball game! (but not for long because I have a belly ache and it's past my bedtime)

I haven't been into the Astros much lately (wow, I never thought I'd say that!). We don't have cable so it's rare than we can catch a ballgame on t.v. (and it's even rarer that we would have three hours to sit down and watch t.v. these days). And ever since my favorite players left the team (oh, how I miss my beloved Brad Ausmus) my interest has waned a bit. And it might just be possible that the fact that they are in last place this season hasn't helped much either.

But Harrison L-O-V-E loves him some baseball. Which makes my heart happy, because his parents love them some baseball, too. So Rick and I got brave Friday night -- he was given free tickets to the Astros game and we actually decided to give it a try...with both kids in tow! They were club level seats with a parking pass, and we figured it didn't get any more child friendly than that. And we also figured that if it turned into a disaster situation then we could just turn around and leave with no money out of our pocket.

I just don't understand why this ball is glued to the ground.
Hmmm...this giant finger would make it much easier to poke my sissy in the eye.

Bay-ball? Bay-ball? BAY-BALL!!!

Mom, you and your relentless picture-taking is really cramping my style.

My boys

What do you MEAN we can't go down onto the field and play with the bay-balls?!?!

Harper did GREAT. She loves being snuggled up next to me in the wrap and the only time she made a peep was when it was time to eat. Now that she's getting a little bigger it's getting easier to wear her, which has been a lifesaver when I'm out with the two kids by myself (which I've only been brave enough to try twice so far, ha!).

Harrison did pretty good, too, for a little while anyway. A "little while" meaning we ended up leaving before the 1st inning was over, ha ha! The game didn't start until 7, so we got there an hour early so we could wander around the stadium and watch a little batting practice. All in all, he made it a good hour and a half before the I'm completely over-stimulated and it's my bedtime meltdown ensued. Which was okay with us, because by the time we made it back to the car we were already losing 4-0. Did I mention we are in last place this season?

Oh, and one more fun little tidbit of our night? Did you happen to notice the common denominator in all of these pictures? I'll give you a hint: they are gold and cheesy and yummy and shaped like fish. I packed Harrison a cup of his "ga-ba's" just in case we needed a snack to distract him. When I looked down 5 minutes later, he had eaten the entire cup. And this was after a dinner at Chick-fil-a, so I can assure you that we had one full-tummied boy on our hands at the end of the night.

Get in mah bellah!
A full-tummied boy with a pretty big belly ache, as evidenced by the spontaneous projectile vomiting of the goldfish when we got back on the road. I was turned around talking to him when out of nowhere he just spewed everywhere. Then he started crying, which would make sense since, you know, his tummy hurt and all. Except he was crying and yelling "ca-ca!? ga-ba?! ca-ca!?" (cracker!? goldfish?! cracker!? for those of you who aren't fluent in Harrisonese) and trying to grab the regurgitated crackers and put them back into his mouth. Eeek, right?! He was apparently mad that those little fishies attempted an escape from the bottomless pit that is his stomach. Never a dull moment, I tell you.

I think it's safe to say that Rick was grateful that the kid made it to the car before barfing.


Tienna said…
It's embarassing when I bust out laughing in the middle of work, Kelsey. You need to put warnings on things like this. Trying to eat his regurgitated crackers? Oh my. There are no words. The day you get to share that story with a young girlfriend will be a good day in the Boyd household, for sure. LOL.

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