Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A trip to the Children's Museum

Harrison's in a playgroup that meets every other Tuesday, and this go around we decided to pack the kiddos up and venture into Houston to the Children's Museum. My friend Trina has a membership that got the adults in free and we also packed our own lunches - so it was a pretty cheap fieldtrip. (Although I guess I should point out that we learned that no outside food or drinks are allowed in...we were reprimanded halfway through our lunch...whoops!)

As soon as we got into the toddler area, Harrison made a beeline for this red truck. I think he would have stayed in it the entire time if I hadn't dragged him to check out the other stuff. What can I say? The boy loves his cars and trucks!

He also enjoyed the ball pit.

But we had to move on to other things when he started chunking all the balls out.

Back to the truck he went. This time his friend Hamilton joined him.

Then he discovered this little walkway, and couldn't get enough of it. It's inclined on one end, has little bumps and dips in the middle, and steps on the other end. Poor kid hasn't mastered going down steps yet, which meant that I spent the majority of the time chasing him and making sure he didn't tumble face first.

Aaaand, back to the truck he went. This time he was showing his friend Carter how it works.

Before we left, we attempted a group shot with all the kids. Which, even in strollers isn't an easy feat.

At least they're all sort of looking in the direction of the camera in this one. Aren't they all just too cute?

Lauren & Lucas, Carter, Harrison, and Hamilton


Anonymous said...

i wish our childrens museum had a truck... it would be so cool. looks like harrison had a great time... hope mommies did too. see ya soon. love mary

Jocelyn said...

Good news to share: my friend (Nikki) that I told you about got the "all clear" sign and no longer has previa. She is 20 weeks pregnant.

I hope you're doing well.

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