My little mister.


You are growing up so fast! I thought I'd jot down some of the funny things you're doing before you move on to the next stage (far quicker than I'm ready for you to). Oh how I wish I could capture you at this exact age and replay it any time I want, because you are such a joy and quite a HOOT!

You are inching closer to 14 months and have already changed so much since your birthday. You have long mastered walking and are now choosing to run more often than toddle. You also LOVE to dance and spin around, but still have a little work to on your coordination. (I hate to tell you that you may never achieve it -- at least your clumsy momma never did!)

You copy and mimick everything. When somebody coughs or laughs really loud, you fake cough or fake laugh like you're mocking them. You also bark when you hear dogs barking.

You are learning more words. You recognize a lot more than you can speak, which I think frustrates you a little. So far you can say "mama," "dada," "papaw," "bubbles" (buh-buh), "ball" (bah), "puppy" (buh-bee), "car" (cah), and of course your very favorite, "cracker" (cah-cah).

You can sign several things now, too. You know: eat, night-night, I love you, please, more, and all done. You also started doing prayer hands when I say the blessing and nodding and grinning when I say "amen." Amen = grub time to you!

You make the funniest faces and gestures. You are such a little performer and eat up attention. My favorite is when you do the fishy face and pucker up your lips. Katie also recently taught you the cutest thing - when someone says "what?" you cock your head to the side, shrug your shoulders, and throw up your hands with a sassy little attitude.

You can point out your ears, nose, eyes, and mouth. Ears are your favorite.

You weigh 25 lbs. and are 32 inches tall!

You wear a size 4 diaper and size 18 month clothes.

You love to grin and nod up and down when I tell you "no." (such a little stinker!)

You LOVE your cozy coupe car. And love to make it have roll-over "accidents." Oh boy. I'm afraid you may have inherited your dad's driving skills, ha ha!

You are a little sweetheart. Every day you give hugs to the dogs and cat and your doll (training for your baby sister) and your pillow pet, and even us if you're in a reeeeally good mood. The other day at TJ Maxx I pointed out how soft a rug was when we were going past it, and you reached out and gave the rug a hug. So cute!

You have gotten really picky lately. You basically only want to eat crackers and bread and tortillas. You also love fruit, but refuse to eat meat or anything really chunky. Apparently you have "texture" issues.

You are obsessed with shoes. You love to carry them to people and try to chew on them. Ick.

You love to carry around my hairbrushes and hold them next to your head. You don't brush your hair, just hold it there. Too cute! You also do this with the phone.

-Regis and Kelly is your favorite TV show. We usually start off with Sesame Street, but when you lose interest I flip it to R&K and you can't get enough of it. You clap and get really excited when they do the trivia segment where beach balls fly around. You point and yell "bah! bah!" every time.

You are finally sleeping SO much better. I can usually still get you to take 2 naps (although lately you don't always sleep and instead try to destroy your crib with your WWF wrestling moves and your vampire-sharp teeth, but you're content and happy so I leave you in there for the full hour). You usually go to bed between 7-8 and wake up between 8-9.

You are starting to show signs of jealousy. You're very territorial of "your" toys and things, "your" being in quotation marks because you are also very territorial of things that aren't yours at all but you think they should be (like the phone, remotes, etc). Your daddy was pretending to sit in your new chair you got from Santa and you threw a big fit that somebody else was in your spot. You tugged on him to get him up and climbed into the seat and grinned. You don't even like stuffed animals to sit in it. Uh oh, Sister, watch out! (But one thing you love to share is your binky. On several occasions you've caught me completely off guard by sticking it in my mouth when I'm not looking. Thanks, Love Bug. Just what I always wanted...a slobbery, germy pacifier!)

Harrison, you fill our lives with such richness and joy. I know these next few months will be very special as we treasure the short time left with you as a family of three. You are a sweet little boy and we love you so incredibly much!



Katie Norman said…
Ok, you made me miss H so much with this post! ...And I just saw him two days ago! I just can't get enough of that baby! Give him a kiss on those chubby cheeks from Aunt Katie!

P.S. You have to get a pic of him wearing Rick's hat backwards! That is too cute!
Anonymous said…
I would argue with the driving comment but I did run into the back of someone this week. I am still not sure if it was my fault though.

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