Call 9-1-1, because my social calendar is on fire!

In an attempt to make the most out of 2011, I am trying to be more deliberate at spending more time with friends and family. I know it will get more challenging to leave the house with the addition of baby no. 2, so I'm trying to preserve as much of my sanity as possible before that day gets here, ha!

Friday night I had the first (of many more to come) Ladies' Nights Out with my new "movie club." I so need to work on a sassier name for our "club"...any suggestions? The ""s are because so far it is just me, my mom, and my sweet friend Donna. It might sound kind of lame to be in a movie club with only 3 members, not to mention one with my own mother, but I happen to have one of the best moms on the planet and these 2 ladies + me make a pretty fabulous club if you ask me. I'm just sayin'. You are welcome to submit your application if you think you can hang.   :)

So yes. I digress. Our first movie date was to see Black Swan. All I can say is whoa. I had heard it was dark and kind of creepy, but wasn't fully prepared for its level of freakishness. It left us with much to discuss at the restaurant afterward, and it's been on my mind all weekend. Which either means that it was really good or really bad...and I still haven't decided which yet. Just whoa. The Three Amigas (there's a potential name for our club right there) had a fabulous time and are already looking forward to our next date in February!

Last night we went over to Amy and Steven's house for a fancy dinner party. I've known Amy for about 8 years (8 years? How has it been that long?!) and we've always talked about getting together for fancy dinner parties and finally did it. She even broke out the heirloom china. See? Told you it was fancy. Our main course was Beef Wellington, which I had never even heard of before last week. Which I think means that maybe I'm not so fancy, but that's okay. She did a superb job and everything was delicious! They are great friends and even though we don't get together nearly as much as we should, it's always so comfortable to be around them. It was funny because we had a fancy meal with fancy china, but since she doesn't have any linen napkins (she actually sent me a text apologizing for that...are you kidding me?! :)) our fancy silverware was resting on some very high-class paper towels. I loved it. Perfect symbolism for our friendship: we know how to have fun and be fancy and at the same time be practical and real and casual. Which is a good thing considering I was in charge of bringing dessert and instead of baking something fancy I just picked up something frozen from Walmart.

And in case you're wondering, I have used the word "fancy" exactly 9 times in this post so far. Sorry,  I couldn't help myself. Fancy, fancy, fancy. It's a fun word!


Beef Wellington, if you are in the dark like I was. Try it immediately if you haven't had it, because it is YUM!

The rest of the set-up

Somehow I manage to look past the fact that he is a *Sooners* fan. Boo, hiss! Cough, gag, barf!

The boys playing. Or fighting over a ball. Whatever.

Amy and Harrison playing. He couldn't get enough of this.

Photographic proof that we're really not all that fancy!

Next month it's my turn to be the hostess. I better start looking for inspiration now because I don't really think a frozen pizza is gonna cut it. Ha! I'm actually starting to feel a lot better lately and have even mustered up the courage to cook dinner for the past few weeks, so at least I'm not completely rusty in the kitchen. Our Fancy Dinner Parties are a great excuse to try out new recipes so I'm pretty excited. It's too bad that we're just now starting our FDP Club though, because my beautiful, lovely, fancy dining table could have been put to great use if we had done this sooner. But alas, it has been disassembled and removed to make way for the abundance of toys that have taken over with a mighty force. The old me would probably be  a little bitter. But the new me can't resist smiling every time I get down on the floor in the empty space and play with my kiddo. I have the rest of my life to be fancy, right? 


Melanie said…
you need to read the "Fancy Nancy" kid books. heeheee. She likes using the word "fancy" "elegant" and other fancy words.

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