Thursday, January 6, 2011

Long overdue. I finally admit it.

As much as I hated to admit it, Harrison was in desperate need for his first haircut. He had some serious issues going on on that head of his, y'all. From the severe cowlick sweeping across his bangs (which, believe it or not, once secured him the hands-down worst nickname possible. Yes, somebody once compared my sweet-faced child to Hitler!) to his developing mullet and crazy texture, it needed some help. I kept waiting for those beautiful baby curls to emerge, but seeing how his hair was growing over his eyes and ears, I realized that it was time to give in. Why is the first haircut so hard for mommies?

We had a playdate yesterday with my friend Amy and her son Grayson. I hadn't seen her in way too long and it was great to catch up! She owns a salon (which is why I hadn't seen her in way too long -- she's been super busy and I haven't gotten my hair cut in 7 months, yikes) and the first thing she said when we got out of the car was "Whoa! Somebody needs a haircut!" Of course she could have been talking about either one of us, but I'm pretty sure she was referring to Harrison. It's pretty much the first thing that everybody says to him when they see him -- like I said, it was definitely time.

After some playing and dancing on the kids' part (okay, okay. And ours, too), she offered to cut his hair right then and there. My first reaction was to run, of course, but after some consideration I decided that it wasn't a bad idea.

 As you can see, he did pretty well. He wanted nothing to do with the cape, but otherwise he cooperated and held as still as can be expected from a one year old. And as you can also see, his hair looks so much better!

We had such a fun day, and I wish I could say it ended that way as well. Unfortunately though, we had just settled in to the church service last night when we saw Harrison's number flash up on the screen. He's been having more and more separation anxiety lately so I just assumed it was because of this. When we walked through the doors of PeeWeeVille, I instantly heard him. When we found him, we found that he had thrown up all over himself. Poor baby was just crying and whimpering in misery. I rode in the backseat with him and he continued to vomit the entire way home and I felt so helpless. I did my best to try to wipe it up and also did my best not to contribute to the sickness, but it was not a good situation.

We got home and I got him in the bath while Rick brought in the carseat that was in serious need of a good hosing down (along with our entire backseat and both of us). I don't know if it was just something he ate or if he caught a stomach bug, but the poor child couldn't stop throwing up. At 13 months, this is somewhat challenging since it's not like he can tell us when it's about to happen or like we can guide him to the toilet or even a bucket. So you can just imagine what our night was like...and even though I knew it was probably just something he ate or just a stomach bug, I couldn't stop worrying about my poor little guy. What a long night for all of us. He's still not 100% today, but thankfully he's feeling a little better and I was able to get some fluids into him. Today is a PJ day for both of us and I'm savoring the baby snuggles while I can get them.

Please pray that he gets better soon and that Rick and I don't catch this. ::shudder:: Our house has far surpassed its vomit quota over the last few months!


Tienna said...

Oh his hair cut is fabulous!!! :) Too bad it was followed by night of vomit (though goodness knows the Boyd family is used to it by now).

Tracye said...

At least your hairstylist didn't give your baby a certificate, proclaiming that he had left babyhood. I think that made me cry more than Cullen's *AWFUL* first haircut.

He looks adorable, though!

Sigh. I guess I really need to get Cavan's. Since he's just (gulp!) three months away from two!

I hope y'all are feeling better!

Jocelyn said...

His haircut looks awesome! He looks like such a big boy now. My son (born Dec. 11) got his first haircut by my aunt on Christmas Eve, and he already needs another one!

Hopefully the throwing up didn't last much longer than that day at church... but I know what you mean about enjoying sick-day snuggles.

jocelynjanota (at)

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