Fishies, and a prayer request.

This morning I took Harrison on his first trip to the aquarium. I've been subbing at our church's PeeWeeVille School lately, which means that H gets to go too. So far he's done really well (with the exception of a few tears when I say goodbye or when he sees me throughout the day in another classroom) and I think the social interaction with other babies has been good for him, especially considering he will have a baby sister in a few months. Today was PWV's field trip to Moody Gardens in Galveston and it was a lot of fun!

It was so funny -- the very first exhibit was the seals. A giant one kept swimming in circles and would swoop by really close to the glass. Harrison's eyes got SO big and he smiled and pointed and said "buh-bee?" That's what he calls the puppies. Apparently the huge brown blob of a seal reminded him of Sydney. I do have to say that they do kind of resemble each other, ha!

Why is Sydney swimming in the water?!

Digging the seals

Whoa! Look at all those fishies!


Why is this annoying bar in my way?

Making the appropriate "fishy face"

My little man all bundled up

Harrison & Mommy

And now I have to ask you all for your prayers. On the way to the aquarium I got a phone call from my OB's office. The results came back from the anatomy ultrasound. Everything looks great with the baby (praise God) but I have a pregnancy complication called placenta previa. Basically, my placenta is down too low and covering my cervix. There are varying degrees between partial, marginal, and complete, and unfortunately mine is complete (completely covering the cervix). If it stays where it is, there are a lot of risks associated to my health and the baby's, it could easily lead to bed rest, and a vaginal delivery will be out of the question. You can read all about it on the link if you want to, but I just did and if I'm being honest, it really scared me. The nurse didn't make it sound nearly as concerning and told me that since it's still early there's time for it to shift up to where it needs to be. She put me on strict "pelvic rest" (I'm sure you can figure out what that means) and told me to limit my activity and heavy lifting. She also told me that if I have any bleeding than to call immediately (I haven't had any bleeding at all so let's pray it stays that way). I already had a doctor appt. scheduled for Monday so he'll give me more info when I see him.

I'm trying to stay calm about this and not freak out, which if you know me you know goes completely against my nature when it comes to stuff like this (funny how I just wrote a post about how I'm a relaxed and confident mom...oh the irony). My obvious concerns are about the baby's health and mine and of course I will do whatever it takes to keep growing and baking her until she's healthy and ready to meet the world. But the thought of going on bed rest scares me to death. How would that even work with a very active toddler? And how am I not supposed to pick my son up and carry him? He's walking well, but if he's not walking where he wants to walk (read: mommy grabs his hand and directs him away from danger) he turns into a limp noodle and refuses to even stand up. So please send up some prayers for us that my placenta would migrate up to where it needs to go, that I don't have any bleeding that could lead to dangerous complications, that I'm able to take it easy as much as possible to avoid bed rest, and that my nerves (and mind) would calm down and find peace in God's plans. I so appreciate it. I'll update as soon as I talk to my doctor on Monday.

Have a great weekend!


Tienna said…
Kelsey! I can't call you right now as I left my stinkin' phone at home, but know I'm sending warm, loving thoughts to you right now. I'll be home around 9, so I'll be calling you then. I love you!!
Saying prayers. I know how serious this can be from friends of had a great outcome, where pelvic rest led to the placenta shifting upward as you said.

I will just say this much...take it seriously and I would push for bedrest if I were you. If you have disability you can file for that & if you have anyone at all that can be there for you to help take care of Harrison if you have to be on bedrest. I was on bedrest with both pregnancies and with the girls my son was 20 months old at the time. Luckily between my mom & MIL Tucker was well taken care of while I couldn't do it all.

Praying for you & your sweet baby!
Tracye said…
It's moving up; I can just feel the prayers moving mountains as I type.

Hubs says to tell Rick he's so sorry for the pelvic rest. Oh, and he hopes you and the baby are okay, too! ;) He says to take care of yourself and that baby. He really wants your kids to grow up strong and healthy... so they can come spend the summers at our place! ;)

I really know God will take care of you and that precious baby. Go back and read the miracles He worked in my babies and those pregnancies. If He did it for me, He'll do it for you.

We love you all so much and will be agreeing in prayer as a family for you and your beautiful girl. (Matt 18:18-19)

Love you!
Jocelyn said…
My friend, Nikki, has the same thing. Here's her blog:
Garcia Family said…
I had the same thing with Maciah. I know it feels a little better to know that you aren't the only one. I was also put on "pelvic rest" which Johnny survived Thank God! My Doc said that statistics are really high that as the baby grows thus your placenta shifts up. It still scared me and made me completely paranoid. Feel you girlfriend! Will be praying for you and that baby girl! Oh, once my placenta shifted up my doc didn't lift my "pelvic rest"! Hoping that doesn't happen to you for your hubby's sake of course! lol
kelsey said…
Thanks ladies! It does feel better to hear other stories that turned out just fine.

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