Monday, December 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

This Thanksgiving was extra special this year. A) because we had a new sweet baby to be thankful for, and B) I could happily EAT ALL THE FOOD! WITHOUT BARFING! It was GLORIOUS! Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal of the year and I remember reminding myself throughout pregnancy that when it came around this year I wouldn't be pregnant any more and I would get to enjoy it fully and that I had that to look forward to. And I was right. I went back for heaping seconds (or fourths, but who's counting) and completely pigged out and felt no shame whatsoever. Have I mentioned how great I'm feeling these days???

I tried to get a few good pictures but this is reality with silly kids at this age when you ask them to smile for the camera:

finally...only had to take 562 pictures to get this one

I still pinch myself that we have a new baby girl. It's so fun putting her in all of Harper's old clothes and reminiscing about when she was a little baby. Here is Harper at her first Thanksgiving in the outfit I made her and then Hadley at hers in the same onesie.


I cozied up with this little princess and took a bunch of pictures of her scowling and sneering at me. She cracks me up! She even looks pissed in her sleep. But she is really just the sweetest, content baby ever.

"Oh...the camera again. Yaaaay."

"You devoured all that food and all I get is breastmilk?"

"I may be sleeping but I will still punch you"
this one speaks for itself... ;)

My Uncle Steve and Grandma

As Homer Simpson would say...mmmm, pie....

Harper helped my mom make these cute miniature pumpkin pies. So good.

arts & crafts time. Harper picked out a ton of Christmas crafts at Hobby Lobby and asked me no less than 45,298 times every day after when we would work on them :)
GG & Harper
Harrison & Beda goofing around

annnnd, the traditional zoning out to football

It was a good day!

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