It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We broke the not-before-Thanksgiving rule and decorated for Christmas a week earlier than we usually do. The weekend after Thanksgiving we were busy redoing Harrison's bedroom for his birthday surprise (post coming soon), and the weekend after that was our annual Christmas party, so the weekend before Thanksgiving it was. I thought it would really help me get ahead of the game by adding in that extra week, but it's now time to pack it all away already and we never even brought in all of decorations to begin with. Whoops. Maybe next year I'll be better organized. This year I preferred to sit around holding a baby instead. :)

Speaking of Miss Hadley, she got her first package in the mail last month from her Aunt Ashley. I don't know why the picture is uploading sideways but I'm too lazy to try to fix it. She wrote on the back of the package, "I bought the outfit because I had to have the shoes -- Girl Logic!"

Gotta love it! So true.

cute little knitted elf booties
 We made a fun day out of it. We all got dressed in our Christmas PJs and had an Elf night. We trimmed the tree, watched the movie, and then had Christmas pancakes and candy for dinner. 

dressed in Christmas PJs and ready to decorate

Harper was especially eager to decorate. She has been so much fun this season. She's been excited about every little detail that pertains to Christmas. When we went to Hobby Lobby and she first saw all the decorations, I thought she was going to cry tears of happiness. She went from display to display hugging all of the santas and snowmen. When it was time to trim the tree, she unwrapped each ornament and delighted over every single one, wanting to know their stories and where each one came from. It is all so magical to her and I love getting to see it through her eyes.

Patiently (impatiently) waiting

I mostly watched from afar and my eyes didn't even twitch when I saw how unevenly they were all being hung.  I didn't care, because this was my view:


Family selfie in front of the finished (unfinished) tree


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